Monday, May 26, 2008

The big countdown

Only 4 more working days to go, yet so much still to be done! but, we're getting there slowly. At the beginning of last week the windows went in (made by Greggs fair hands too), now we've just got the floor to lay, skirtings to go on and the sockets to wire up. Outside there's still lots to do, we're not going to get the deck laid in time, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day! The photo above is of me contemplating how much still had to be done!
Here's how we left it tonight, the roof is up, the walls are clad and painted and the lights are up too, it's all coming together really nicely. Just need lots of stock to fill it now!!
On the sewing front, I'm disappointed in the lack of stock I've got made, I just didn't appreciate how much organising this would take and also how much painting there was to do!!! Hopefully in the next day or so the sewing machine will be working over time!
On the animal front, over the weekend the ducklings hatched, 8 little bundles of fluff, the cutest little things I've ever seen, and boy do they hit the ground running!!! I'll get some decent photos of them this week, as they grow at a tremendous rate.
So, I'm off to get a bit more sewing done, it would be nice to get to bed on the same day as I got up.........
Will try and post photos of it all before Saturday, wish us luck!
L x

Monday, May 12, 2008

The red door

What do you think? When we were up North I was inspired by a little white cottage with red woodwork and doors, I fell in love with it! So we now have a lovely red reclaimed door and the windows are going to match. Only 3 weeks to go until the grand opening so we're on the big count down, fingers crossed it all comes together!

L x

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another step forward...

There are some parts of the business that I love, and there are some parts that I feel I'm constantly chasing my tail with, forever. Yep, you guessed it, the website. Whenever I talk to anyone in business about web sites I'm constantly met with the comment "they're great but they just constantly need updating!". It's true, no sooner have you uploaded your latest additions than you're thinking about how you're going to change it again!
So, at last we have made a huge change to ours, we've added a "click and buy" system, it's been long enough in the making, but I'm actually quite pleased with it. It's no great shake, loads of sites have it, we've just been extremely slow in getting round to doing it. The desire has always been there, but time is never on our side! Me being me, I was never going to be happy with using the standard Paypal buttons on offer, so I messed around for a while until I got something I was happy with, simple, but rather good looking, I think so anyway.
I say "we" as it's pretty much all of Gregg's hard work, I provide photos, text and design direction and he does the rest, without him, I wouldn't even have a website. For that I am extremely grateful. Aren't husbands wonderful things..... ;)
Have a look and let me know what you think, all feed back is greatly appreciated.
Happy Friday for tomorrow, I'm painting the studio door, making up a couple of orders for new shops that are opening and hopefully a little bit of gardening too. I might give you a sneeky peak of that door if you're lucky.
L x