Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little mice

Today I have been mostly making these little cuties. We were lucky enough to have a product feature in the Christmas Gift Guide of The Scottish Field, so the orders have been coming in thick and fast for these little guys.

The Studio is looking particularly fetching at the moment, adorned in all it's Christmas finery, especially last week in all the snow we had.

Chrissie was loving her snowy walks, she loves to poke her nose in the snow and throw it about the place. Even though she's a lady in years she loves to act like a pup every now and then!

L x

P.S. Thank you for all the get well soon wishes, I'm feeling a lot better. The last Christmas Fair was over the weekend, it went well, but I was glad to be home!

Monday, December 01, 2008

A sick day...?

In the world of self-employment there doesn't appear to be a clause for compassionate leave or sick leave, it's crap! You've probably guessed, after a couple of tough weeks lately, we are now experiencing the dreaded lurgy in this house, do things ever get any easier....nope, I guessed not.

After a really lovely day listening to the seriously talented Sarah Raven last Wednesday, I came home a shivering wreck and went straight to bed, flu had hit big time. By the end of the week Gregg had it too, fair cancelled on Saturday, but it was our annual Christmas Open Day yesterday and the show just had to go on. Thank you to Nicola and my family for saving our bacon, you're all stars. xxx

So, orders are now being processed again (will I ever catch up with myself again or should I just throw the towel in now...!) and hopefully the nice doctor is going to give me something to fix my throat and horendous cough tomorrow.

I'll hopefully be back in a couple of days feeling a lot better (fingers crossed). Off to have a hot bath and a bottle of whisky to help me sleep ;)

L x