Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Auction love

Fiona commented on my last post that she loved my red dresser, so I thought it was only polite to tell you a little bit about her. I found her loitering at the back of the auction that I frequent, she had my name written all over her, no matter what, she was coming home with me.

She wasn't in too bad a condition, lemon yellow and white, not too ghastly and nothing that a lick of paint wouldn't sort out. So, in my usual fashion, I got round to "doing her up" all of five days before the opening, she had been living in the garage since last summer, shame on me, the poor thing!
Seeing as red is the order of the day in our house, it would have been rude not to paint her red and white. She's told me that she loves her new outfit, wants to live with us forever more and will gladly look after all the lovely things that we put in her..........
Everyone else loves her too, she has received many an "oooh" and an "aaaah", and "ooooh my Granny used to have one of those"!! My nana had one too, I fondly remember playing underneath the counter as a child and constantly banging my head on it........
I think she may be getting a sister soon.......................
L x

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buttercup meadow

From this......... this.............

I didn't have the heart to cut off all their little heads, and I like the idea of the garden being interesting rather than just a big slab of green grass. The little race track around the bottom of the garden draws you to wander all the way down and look at all the wild flowers.
The Studio has been busy with people popping in and me getting some sewing done, I'm loving having this new space to play in! For those that are local or on holiday in the area we are open:
Monday 12pm - 4pm
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm
Or call to come along at a more convenient time and we'll make sure we're here to welcome you.
Some lovely new goodies arrived in the shop today so I must give you a guided tour later on in the week.
Be back soon,
L x

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The opening

Well, what can I say? We made it just by the skin of our teeth, some extremely late nights and early starts were had, but it was worth every minute of it. By Saturday morning we had moved into the studio and the shop was all set up, ready and waiting for customers. The other stallholders were all raring to go, lots of plants, cake and candy and vintage bits and bobs were on offer, and the tea tent was brimming with the most yummy selection of cakes I have ever seen.

So did anyone turn up? Gosh, about 200 to be precise! On Saturday the place streamed with people, the sun shone and there was a real magical buzz about the place, it was a really special day, one we'll never forget. Sunday was nice too but the weather broke later in the day, we had a lot of old friends that had come to visit, some that we hadn't seen since we'd moved up here, so it was wonderful to see them all. All in all a fanstastic weekend.
My feet haven't hit the ground since, hence the reason I'm just getting round to posting now! I'll get some better photos taken this weekend, all I can say is that I'm loving working in my studio, I'm having to be dragged out of the place! And amazingly we've had customers every day this week so far! Long may it continue!
I'll leave you with some pictures of the weekend, will be back soon.
L x