Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buttercup meadow

From this.........

.......to this.............

I didn't have the heart to cut off all their little heads, and I like the idea of the garden being interesting rather than just a big slab of green grass. The little race track around the bottom of the garden draws you to wander all the way down and look at all the wild flowers.
The Studio has been busy with people popping in and me getting some sewing done, I'm loving having this new space to play in! For those that are local or on holiday in the area we are open:
Monday 12pm - 4pm
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm
Or call to come along at a more convenient time and we'll make sure we're here to welcome you.
Some lovely new goodies arrived in the shop today so I must give you a guided tour later on in the week.
Be back soon,
L x


Nonnie said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I can totally see why you couldn't bare to cut them all. This is far more interesting. So pleased to hear the studio is attracting lots of visitors. It must be so lovely to have somewhere proper so work and sell your things from. It's my dream for the future. Yesterday I was off work sick but felt well by the afternoon so went to my corner of the spare room(which is a lot more space than I've ever had) and sat happily sewing with the sun shining in and sound of the birds singing through the open windows and dreaming of spending all my time doing working for myself. At least I now have a man who understands my dream and is happy to help me make it come true one day. Wish I was nearer your little studio so I could drop by and have a proper look around. Maybe we'll take a trip up to Scotland one day. In the mean time I'll have to look forward to more of your photos. x

tea and cake said...

Lovely photos, so peaceful and sun-shiney and, yes interesting! I wouldn't have thought of leaving some of the buttercups or daisies to add such texture. Which reminds me we must get some knitting done soon! K xx

Pipany said...

Oh there's always something to covet! I have my own sewing room so I'm ok there but now I want to be able to have my own selling space!!! Never happy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am loving reading through all of yours xx

Cara said...

I am so envious of the lush green-ness of your garden. Wish I was closer so I could pop to your studio - maybe one day if I'm up that far! So pleased the opening was not only a success, but a continued one too.

driftwood shack said...

I know how you feel about your lawn we had a fantastic carpet of daisies and buttercups but they had to go the grass we getting too long for the baby to walk in and he kept eating the daisies! Good luck with your new studio, too !

Two Crofters said...

come on lady - show us the new arrival!
please, please, please let it be another dog!!!!
is it a Whippet?????
if it is a hound of any kind then i may be planning that visit really soon :)
hope that the new stock is selling well in your beautiful shop x
t x

Wild Rose said...

Hi Lisa,

Well, I have been away too long and missed all the excitement. Congratulations on the opening of your new studio. I'm so happy to read that it is going well and you are getting lots of visitors.

How wonderful to have a proper dedicated workspace.

Marie x