Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Catching up

Well it's the 1st of May already, where did April go? I forgot to get up and wash my face in the dew this morning, although to be honest it was more frosty here than dewy.

So, as I said in my last post, the inspiring Tash over at Vintage Pretty has nominated me for a "thinking Blogger" award. I'm pretty stunned as I see my blog as a bit of a rambling thing, me blethering on about life in the sticks and running my wee business from home, but hey, I'm not going to complain, it's lovely to know that there are some people out there that seem to enjoy it.

The hardest part is having to choose my 5 favourite blogs, there are so many out there, people who do truly inspire and make me think, compared to others who just moan and have a jibe at others, they tend to be the blogs that make you roll your eyes, move on to the next one and put you off blogging........! But don't worry I'm not put off that easily ;O)

The first blog that I love to read every day is Tash over at Vintage Pretty, I know that seems mad as she put me up to this, but I just have to return the favour. From the stunning photography to her heartwarming posts, it just all makes fantastic reading and I can tell we would be great friends if we lived close by.

Secondly it has to be my cyber twin, Rach over at Oh, the glamour, her blog is a hilarious read about the daily goings on in her life and has lately included some of her amazing patchwork, now there's a talented girl. I'm lucky enough to have met Rach and I think we'll end up being pretty good buddies.

Thirdly, one of the first blogs I started reading is The Accidental Smallholder, it's been inspiring to read up on Rosemary and Dans' progress with their small holding, in fact I'm hoping to chat pig keeping with Rosemary this weekend at the Rare Breeds Sale in Inverurie.

Another one of my daily reads is Cherry over at Tales from Pixie Wood, Cherry has proved to be a real star in more ways than one, many an e-mail has gone flying through cyberspace between us! She is such an inspiration to me, I adore the fact that she is just so organised in every aspect of her life and is a real home maker at heart. If I could have just an ounce of those organisational skills I know my life would be a lot easier!

And lastly, a blog I've just recently started reading is Kelly over at Nesty. Her blog is beautifully put together, always has fantastic photography and I love being a part of all her crafty projects.

There are loads more that I could mention but I'd end up boring you all to tears!

I shall be back tomorrow with more news, I'll leave you with a picture from the garden.

Nite nite,

L x


the flour loft said...

Hi Lisa,
was waiting for your next post to say thanks for leaving me a lovely comment on my blog. Glad you are ok.. i'm finding that blogging is quickly addictive and a break from the computer sounds good. I always seem to post late at night and as a result I too couldn't get up to bathe in the may dew.... Bang goes that youthful complexion for another year!
Ginny x
ps. your website is lovely.
pps. will post pics of the studio soon.

cherry menlove said...

Ah Lisa, my beautiful Lisa. It's just gone 06.30am and I'm sat here staring at my Dell screen, bleary eyed and I see this lovely post. Thank you so much for thinking of me. My organisational skills are being tested right now and I'm finding myself v.tired and a little weepy at times. I cried at something so stupid on the television the other day. But hey ho. We MUST find a way to hook up soon. Let me know if you're heading this way and I'll do the same.

Love Cherry xx

Sarah said...

I love the bee on your grape hyacinth! It looks like you are having the same wonderful weather up there that we are having in Sunny Liverpool!

Katherine said...

Ooh I like the nesty blog, thanks for highlighting it!

Primrose Hill said...

This was a really difficult post to do as there are so many superb blogs out there!
Ginny, glad you've come over for a visit, I'll need to add you to my side bar!
Cherry, yep we must meet up and have a fun day out.
Sarah, the weather has been fab, a bit foggy and drizzly this morning, not a bad thing though, I'll hopefully get a bit more work done today!
Hi Katherine, yep, Nesty blog is gorgeous, glad you like it!
L x