Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday already and family fun

Can't quite believe that it's Friday already, where has the week gone? Maybe it's the fact that we've actually had a proper, summery week of weather up here, washing blowing on the line every day. You know what it's like when you've had visitors, the washing machine is on for about a week after they've left and you always find the odd sock that doesn't belong to you.

Linda, Ian, Hayley, Jordan and Joshie (aunt, uncle and cousins) arrived on Saturday afternoon, thankfully bringing some decent weather with them. We left the boys to put up the marquee and us girls headed off to the berry fields to pick strawberries and raspberries for Sundays pudding. Then we had a mass cookathon on Saturday night, marinading a couple of joints of meet from here, making the chocolate slab cake that was in last months Country Living mag (it's delicious by the way!) and generally catching up.
It was going to be a simple affair, lots of good home cooked food, straw bales to sit on, tables borrowed from the local village hall and foxgloves in jugs on the tables.

Sunday arrived with lots of sun and all of the visitors, nobody got lost on their way here and we all had a marvellous day. There were 30 of us in total and two babies, enough food to feed an army and much fun was had. A very competitive game of football was played, a dead frog was placed in a Prada shoe and another dam was built in the burn.

It made me realise how important family is to me, how important my family is to me and Gregg. We've been together ten years this week, he is as much a part of my family as I am, he's been welcomed with open arms and accepted as part of my life, the way it should be with your extended family. That means a hell of a lot to me right now.

Our home comes into itself when it's full of life, kids running around, laughter filling the air, just general happiness buzzing about the place. It was a very special day, my mum and her five brothers and sisters all together, my grandparents watching most of their grandchildren running around with each other and two great grandchildren bouncing about on folks knees. Bliss.

After the last of the visitors left late on Monday morning the house seemed very quiet, I hate it when it's like that. Never mind, we'll just have to do it again next year.


Alison said...

What a fantastic time you had. Looks like my idea of the perfect family get together:-)
Take care,
Alison x

Victoria May Plum said...

What an idyllic country scene, I love the straw bales, the bunting, the jugs of wildflowers.
It all sounds absolutely wonderful, and you had nice weather for the occasion too!

I shall try the chocolate cake recipe too now, thanks for the tip.
Victoria x

Katherine said...

What a brilliant weekend, looks like you had lots of fun. I agree with Alison, my idea of the perfect family get together too!

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and you all enjoyed yourselves. Lucky you with the weather, thanks for sharing the photos with us. Have a great, probably quieter weekend.
Kim x

carolyn said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Rowan said...

Sounds as though you all had a marvellous time, I'm so glad that the weather was kind to you. It's been pouring down all day here - yet again, surely we'll get a few nice days soon?

Wild Rose said...

Oh Lisa, It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

How lovely to be able to share such special times with the ones you love.

Marie x

cd&m said...

What lovely scenes of family fun.

Anonymous said...


My name is Patty and I live in Cumbria. I'm new to this blog thing, but it seems like fun.

It really does look like you had a wonderful time at your family gathering. The pictures look lovely.

Glad to hear your husband has a great relationship with your family, its very important. I too have a lovely realtionship with my in-laws. We have such fun when we are together. I'm glad to say that my husband also has a great relationship with my family too. Hope this is the case for you also?

Anyway will need to think about setting one of these blogs up for myself, it very therapeutic I feel to read about others and I suppose get things of your chest if you need to.

Will look forward to furhter posts by yourself.

Very interesting site


Primrose Hill said...

It was a wonderful day, one of those special ocassions that you'll always remember as it doesn't happen that often.

Plus the kids all grow up so quickly, I can still remember the days when it was me and my cousins that were the "little ones running around"!

I'm lucky that my family are all very close as, let's just say I don't quite have the same bond there with the in-laws as Gregg has with mine!

L x

Tea Time and Roses said...

Looks like a wonderful time with family...


Nocturnal said...

10 years, congrats and looks like you guys enjoyed yourself with the whole crew.


cd&m said...

Thankyou Lisa for popping by and leaving such a warm welcome to blogging. I've just taken a look at your shop it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

So sorry to hear you don't have the same relationship with your husbands family as he has with yours. It really can be a strain on a relationship. I didn't have a great relationship with my first husbands family. But that is behind me now, my life has been so great since I married Luke!!!

Family gatherings are great, as like you we don't manage to have big family get togethers very often. We have family all over the place.

Weather here is not too bad so must shoot as I have to go and hang out our holiday washing and then I'm having a girly afternoon of shopping and lunch with Lukes sister-in-law.

Hope you post again soon.


weirdbunny said...

I love the straw bales, what a brilliant time you all must have had ! You certainly are the hostess !!