Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just a quick update with the progress of the studio, it's coming on, as you can see......

We have decided that we're probably not going to get it completed for a Christmas opening, which is a shame, but we'd rather not rush it just for the sake of being open for a couple of weeks, plus the weather is bound to turn sooner or later...............!

So, I've started making plans for the grand opening next year, probably even more exciting than a Christmas opening actually, but more about that in the new year.

Julia, you mentioned in your comment about having a wood burning stove in the studio, well funnily enough that's exactly what I was thinking!! It's all dependent upon space as it is a bit of a luxury and there are certain things that I must fit into the studio, but hopefully we'll be able to squeeze one in somewhere. It would just be rude not to have a stove for Chrissie to lie in front of now wouldn't it!!

Tonight is a tagging and organising of stock evening, the first Christmas fair is this Friday at Letham Grange Hotel, from 10am - 4pm, so if you're in the area do pop in and say hello. I've been sewing like a mad woman for the last few weeks now, so hopefully I'll have enough stock made. We set up tomorrow evening so I'll take some photos and try and remember to post them!

Anyway, better get on, loads to do tonight. I promise I'll come and visit you all very soon.

L x
P.S. Blogger was playing up so I've only just managed to load up the photos after umpteen attempts last night - it seems to be behaving a little bit better this morning! x


Nonnie said...

Hi Lisa. Glad to see you're busy. The studio looks like it's coming on well and I definitely think you should squeeze in the log burner. Just think how cosy that would be sewing away on a cold day with the warmth of the burner next to you. Lovely. Good luck with the first Christmas Fair. I don't have another fair now until 1st December and I am regretting the fact that I haven't found any to sign up to in November. I'm feeling in quite a Christmassy mood. Look forward to seeing what your stall on Friday looks like.

tash said...

Wow, what a lovely structure it's becoming. A wood stove is definitely a good idea - we're both delirious to get one here (I'm a bit geeky like that).

Good luck with the Christmas fair - it's that time of year again. Whooppee (sayeth the big child!)!!

carolyn said...

It's all so exciting, bit like the raising of that barn in the Harrison Ford Amish film - can't remember what that was called. Good luck at the fair, looking forward to seeing pics of your stall.

cd&m said...

Hope the fair goes well for you, the studio frame is lovely in it's own right what a great record of your studio build this blog will be.

Primrose Hill said...

I know, it is a great log of the build and great to see it progress over the weeks. fingers crossed for another dry weekend.

L x

Ragged Roses said...

The studio looks like it's going to be wonderful, sounds even better with the addition of a wood burning stove! Definitely a good thing to look forward to in the new year. Good luck with all that sewing and the craft fairs

Nicky said...

Hi Lisa, cant wait to see that studio up and running.. how exciting! x