Friday, November 16, 2007

A quick post.....

Morning all! Just a quick post to let you know our next fair is tonight and tomorrow at The Edinburgh Academy School. Tonight (7.30pm - 10pm) is a ticket event, £10, which includes champagne and capapes - very posh! Tomorrow is open to the public from 11am - 4pm. There will be approx. 50 stalls so it should be rather good. I'm really looking forward to it as I haven't been down to Edinburgh for ages, hopefully this afternoon Katie and I will manage to squeeze in a couple of art exhibitions, so I'll report back on Monday!

I also want to tell you all about the latest happenings here on the animal front, I've
been trying do a post on it for ages, but never quite get round to finishing it! We've had our first experience of eating our own poultry produce, but all I'll say for now was that it was very yummy! Don't worry we haven't eaten William the Cockerel.............

More next week, off to pack the car, it's a very frosty morning!

L xx


Katherine said...

If I feel well enough I might pop down tomorrow, sounds good. have fun anyway!

carolyn said...

Good luck at the fair.

Nonnie said...

Good luck with the fair. Sounds like a lovely event. Hope you get to have some time looking around Edinburgh too.

Anonymous said...

Well, do enjoy your fair. Hope all goes well. There are some lovely art galleries in Edinburgh, you will throughly enjoy taking a walk around them.
Does you working today allow hubby to watch the football, I really do hope that Scotland win. It will be great for sport in general, and the country as a whole.

Looking forward to hearing about how the fair has gone.


tash said...

I hope the fair went well, I miss your posts, talking about your animal happenings! I'm (glad?) you ate one of your own chooks - I bet he/ she was very tasty, and I'm envious!

Jane said...

My old school - I ducked out - too much like a reunion! I had a wedding on as well.
Did you see Amanda - one of my neighbours - there with her fancy slippers?

Wild Rose said...

Hi Lisa,

I hope that the fair was a huge success and look forward to reading all about it.

Marie x

Primrose Hill said...

Thanks for all the good luck wishes!

Mad busy this week as sold out of loads of products at the weekend, the fair was fabulous!

Will post as soon as I get a minute, probably on Friday after our next fair, on Thursday evening in Bridge of Allan.

Back to the sewing machine!

L xx

Anonymous said...

So how did your next fair go? Bridge of Allan is a lovely little village, there are some gorgeous little shops there. There are also some very nice homes too.
Wish I had been able to come along.
Looking forward to hearing all your news of the festive fair.


weirdbunny said...

Gwenny gave a talk about our birds at school, how she looked after them, loved them and also ate them. The other children could not understand if she loved them why she then ate them.

She replied she loved them lots when they are alive, because she knew that when we cooked them that they would taste so lovely.

Sew Recycled! said...

Good Luck - the last one looked fab. I should take a photo pf mine!