Monday, March 10, 2008

The month that was February!

Well, February has been and gone and we're well into March now.......where has the time gone? It was a busy month, so much happened........

I met up with this lovely lady for a day in Glasgow, we had great fun shopping for fabric and trimmings, I took her to VV Roleaux.......need I say any more!

I received this amazing gift in the post, not only is she a great friend she's a very talented lady - could you whizz up one of these in a weekend?

A friend recommended her hairdresser at Christmas time when I commented on how lovely her hair was, so I went and got a new hair cut, 5" off as I hadn't had it cut for over a year, very drastic but I'm now getting used to it. I'm not a fan of going to the hairdressers but I think I'll go back again...!

The reason behind the hair cut was because we were going to a christening here and a wedding here, a post about this will follow as I've got so much to tell you all about it!

It was a busy month with work too, lots of sewing for Valentines orders and lots of shop orders winging their way out of the workroom.

We've also been busy with the studio - what do you think so far then?

Ooh and it was also my birthday on March 1st, my mum and my two sisters came and visited for the day and then we had friends round for supper. Gregg cooked, Greek lamb with lemons and feta, I made pud, marmalade ice cream and chocolate brownies - good food and good company, what more could a girl want?!

So, now that I'm back out of hibernation I shall do the cushion draw tonight and post the winner tomorrow.
See you all then!
L x
P.S. Hope you like the spring cleaned look of the blog!


Gigibird said...

Very nice banner:)
Happy Belated Birthday - sounds like you had a lovely day.

Nonnie said...

Hi Lisa. So lovely to see you out of hibernation. Happy belated Birthday! Your Birthday dinner sounds delicious. Love the new spring clean look. The banner is very spring like. I might just sit here and look at it for a while as the view out of my window right now is of more grey clouds!

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Lynn & Fiona,

It's lovely to be back, I think the longer you leave it the harder it is to get back into blogging - hopefully the spring clean will help!

My Birthday was lovely, gardening was the theme for gifts, more to show and tell about this week!

It's very grey and wet here, although it was glorious sunshine up until a couple of hours ago.

L x

tea and cake said...

Hey Lisa, Happy Belated Birthday!

Sounds like the perfect one to me.
K xx