Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eating from the garden and our new arrival

Today I have had a good feed from the garden, strawberries for breakfast, and then other than the cream and peas (ours aren't quite ready yet!) tea was all from the veggie patch too. I made myself a courgette & mint frittata, very yummy indeed, even though I am not a big egg eater.

Here's the recipe, you'll need:
a couple of potatoes sliced thinly (ours were freshly dug up from the garden tonight)
1 small courgette thinly sliced with a veggie peeler
a handful of fresh or frozen peas
some mint leaves chopped up (I used basil mint, very yummy)
4 free range eggs (or a goose egg and a hen egg is a good combo)
a dollop of cream (or milk if you want to be healthier)
salt and pepper
grated parmesan
Pop the potatoes into pan of boiling water and cook, add the peas after about 5 minutes. Place a sieve on top of the pan and steam the courgette strips. Meanwhile, beat your eggs and add the cream, mint leaves and some seasoning. Once the potatoes and peas are cooked, drain them through the sieve with the courgettes.
Heat a large frying or omelette pan with a little olive oil in it. Add the egg mixture and then the veggies and evenly distribute them around the pan with a fork.
Cook this over a medium heat for a bout 10 minutes or until the bottom is golden. You should be able to shuggle it about in the pan.
Grate some parmesan over the top and then place under a hot grill to cook the top and brown it off.
I made a little pesto and creme fraiche dip to have with mine tonight, it was really tasty.
On Monday night, we had to do one of the hardest things ever, we had to chose our puppy from a litter of 6. Sorry, did I forget to mention we were getting a black lab pup.......?!!! Oh well, we must be mad but hey ho! So, we halved the problem as we decided to have a girl, the litter was 3 girls and 3 boys.
We went from 3........
to two..........
to one........
The lovely little lady above is coming home with us on 3rd August, we can't wait.
L xxx


Two Crofters said...

hello sweet girl - lovely to meet you x
it is really hard choosing from a litter - we have only really had to do it once with Ghillie.

so very pleased that you are getting a new addition, pups are lovely to have around even with all the peeing!!
get yourselves prepared for the big day and enjoy every second as they grow too quickly - Miss Mabel Moo already looks like a proper whippet and not the round baby that arrived.

catch up soon
t x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Oh! They are all so very cute!
Thanks for the recipe, it sounds really yummy!
Kisses Kisses

Poppy Black said...

Oh, Oh, Oh how gorgeous!!!!!! Just like my baby (now five and still my baby). They are just so soft and divine when they are babies, and they grow up to be such loyal and fun friends.
Primrose Hill looks so lovely! Congratulations on the opening of your shop and I wish I could come to the courses. A bit far to travel :) XXX

Cathy said...

Black labs are the best! Your little cutie looks perfect - my one regret about getting Bodie was that he was 6 months old already so we never saw him as a true 'baby'. Roll on 3rd August for you!
If you hop over to my blog you'll see I've nominated you for an award.
Cathy XX

Primrose Hill said...

We've seen the pups since they were a day old, they are the babies of our friends lovely lab, Mac (she's a girl). We went along to see them with absolutely no intention of getting one, but you know what they say about going to look at puppies!
So, our little girl comes to join the madness that is our house, hopefully her and Chrissie will get on well and the cats will no doubt slap her into shape!
L x

Poppy said...

Oh how exciting, please do post some pics of the big arrival and of the little one growing up. Do you have a name picked out yet?

Your frittata sounds lovely. I do love courgettes. I will need to try your recipe out when we arrive home. I will be able to christen my new kitchen!!

Poppy x

Gigibird said...

I am suffering puppy envy!

Potatoes don't look too bad either:)

Pipany said...

Ahh, how cute is she? Not too long to wait either which makes it even nicer. xx

KarenHarveyCox said...

That recipe sounds great. How enchanting a new puppy and eating things grown in your garden. Sounds like a wonderful time. Karen

Wild Rose said...

She is such a cutie!

Your new potatoes look delicious ~ how I wish that I had a garden in which to grow such wonderful fresh produce.

Marie x

Garden Girl said...

thanks for the recipe- I have dug potatoes, picked peas and broad beans from the allotment today and have a madly never ending supply of mint-so i think we'll be trying fritatta this week!
Beautiful puppies, how exciting to be having one of your very own!!!

driftwood shack said...

you can't beat a black Lab-she looks adorable!