Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunny days

The last couple of days have been absolutely glorious, real spring sunshine with a warmth that gets the washing on the line perfectly dry!

Today I planted my garlic and red onion sets, a little bit late, but hopefully they'll produce something, it was just so good to get outside and working away in the garden again.

Yesterday two friends came round to organise our application for the Perthshire Open Studios event which we're taking part in again this year. Between the three of us we'll have a really varied selection of work, from painting and photography to textiles and ceramics, plus we've decided to do a produce table as we should all have spare cut flowers, veg and eggs, something for everyone hopefully!
What I really enjoyed yesterday was having the support of others and not the usual "having to do everything myself, therefore it gets done at the last minute in a bit of a panic". I think that's why I've enjoyed doing all of the fairs over the last couple of years with Katie, the company and the shared responsibility makes all the difference, even though we are both separate businesses yet working together.
I really hope this great weather continues, wouldn't it be wonderful.......
L x


tea and cake said...

I love drying washing on the line, too! I got some done today, but brought it in late, so it's now airing in front of the fire - mm the smell is lovely!
See you tomorrow. K xx

Sal said...

I love your flower photos.Pansies are so cute!
I'm looking forward to getting out into the garden this week; the sun is certainly cheering me up! ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

The blue skies are beautiful aren't they! Love your pic of the washing line.

Sounds like you've got a great team there for the event :)

Mel xxx

charlie said...

Yes please! Good weather would be especially wonderful as I'm coming to the UK tommorow. Last time I came over it snowed 20cms adn I was marooned in the house for 3 days!

Pipany said...

It is great to bounce ideas of someone isn't it Lisa? Gorgeous photos, particularly the pansy x

Wild Rose said...

I agree with Tea & Cake (sorry, I don't know your name) ~ the smell of air-dried laundry is wonderful.

Nice to see signs of spring ~ we are still waiting for those first flowers, but at least the snow has gone (for now).

Marie x

Janette said...

so glad you are back from hibernation. Your plans sound great I'll look forward to reading about them all.


My Baboo said...

long may the sun shine! Glad to see your wee corner of the worls sunny. Lynne x

Lazylol said...

You can't beat a bit of pegging out and planting on a sunny spring day, can you!