Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The view from my desk....

Glorious sunshine, sitting out on the deck outside the studio. Listening to the babbling burn, ducks quacking, and hens clucking away. The wonders of wireless broadband allows me to work on-line, what more could a girl want!

Even though it was a wet and miserable weekend the opening was fun, it's lovely to have the studio back in working order and looking very smart even if I do say so myself! The deck is almost finished, just the balastrade and rope to go around the edge and that's us, another project finished at last.
Photos of inside shall follow this week. Hope you're all having a lovely sunny one like us.
L x


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic view! xx

Gingham and Flowers said...

New deck looks lovely. I've never tried my computer outside on the terrace but I'm sure it would work as it's no further away from the wireless hub than upstairs where it works fine. Today not the day to try it though as the gorgeous sunshine of the last week has gone away and it is dull and drizzling with rain. Love the idea of setting up my desk outside though although it wouldn't be quite such a stunning view as you have.

blueberry hill said...

Just catching up with you - congrats on your news - how exciting!
Our world is changing too this year...due in just over 2 weeks - I don't know where the time has gone...am starting to panic about all that I haven't done but I am sure all will be well, if a little chaotic!

Hope you are keeping well and not too tired.
Annie x

Calico Kate said...

What a lovely spot and in such beautiful weather too. When it is good up here it is very very good but when it is bad it is Burludy awful! Last weeks storms blew my new green-plastic-house over and took out my newly planted seeds as well. So not a happy bunny.
Have a happy day.

Mrs Boho said...

Gorgeous view ... :0)