Friday, July 28, 2006

Fence building and berry picking.....

We all had a great weekend when my mum, my Uncle Brian, his boys Cameron and Logan abd my youngest sister Zoe came to stay. Brian and Gregg spent the weekend building the picket fence around the vegetable garden, so it's now fully enclosed and hopefully hen and goose proof!! At last the garden is starting to take shape!
The kids slept in the tent, much to their delight, Logan had never been camping before! Cameron did ask to have a ghost story before the were left to go to sleep but I didn't think that was a great idea, so no ghost stories!!
We went berry picking on Saturday and picked about 12 kilos of rasps, mostly for jam, we made a dozen jars on Sunday afternoon and then managed to eat the rest of the rasps! We were all very good and didn't eat too many while picking them!

We also went along to the little bridge just up the road from the cottage, there are lots of baby trout in the burn at the moment. We managed to catch 5, one of which was so tiny that it managed to get through the netting, Zoe caught that one! we took them back later on that evening and put them back into the burn.
When we were sitting outside enjoying the warmth of the evening, we were lucky enough to see an owl perched on the telegraph pole in the garden, it swooped between our garden and our neigbours, an amazing site as it's quite a big one.
We also saw lots of frogs and toads on the farm road when coming back from a walk up the Welton on Friday evening, logan caught one and moved it into the grass verge incase it got run over! So between playing in the burn for most of the weekend and sleeping outside under the stars, the wee ones had a pretty fab weekend!

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