Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Updating our website

We've spent the last 2 days updating our website so we're both feeling a bit google eyed! We did get the opportuntiy to get some nice photos though, especially of the geese and hens, and some nice ones around the garden. All we need now is a successful P.R. campaign and away we go!
Chrissie, our new dog, had been behaving extremely well until this evening when she was caught red handed! We had noticed that the cats seemed to be getting through their food a lot quicker, i.e. their bowls were empty, which is generally never the case! So the culprit was caught this evening, and even after getting a row, she had the cheek to return and polish off what was left, ooh the cheeky monkey!!! Never mind, we still love her loads!!

We are keen to get some more hens, as William the cockerel could do with some more lady company, I think his current lady friends are getting a bit fed up with him contantly hassling them! We should really have put some eggs under our broody

maran hen but I think we might be a bit late as
she's been broody for almost 2 months now and
must be due to come off the boil soon? We'll see, we might try her with some eggs under her, it would be so lovely to have some little chicks this summer!


jordan morrice said...

Hey Lisa & Greg it sounds like you've at the animals you would ever need! Are you thinking about getting anymore? Mabye a popbelly pig or joshie? :) Good luck with everything else thats happening and looking forwards to see more photos of any new additions to the family!
Lots of Love

Jane said...

Our Maran made a super mother last year - she had been broody for at least 6 weeks before we got round to getting eggs for her.
The website looks fantastic - beautiful photos

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