Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Adventures in the country.........

We had a fun but windy time last weekend camping in Glen Clova with family and friends. On arrival we discovered that our campsite was half way up a hill to meet up with the others, so we carted all of our gear up the hill and decided on a spot to pitch the tent, when Chrissie the dog decided to do a big poo right in the middle of it!!! We also hadn't quite realised how big our tent was, but with the help of everyone we managed to get it pitched in the increasing wind! We had a super tea cooked on the open fire and BBQ, we even managed steam pudding with custard for pudding (thank you Claire)!!!! After a very competitive game of trivial pursuit in the Taj Mahal tent ( ours!!) we decided that at 2am we'd better all get off to bed. The wind had seriously picked up and as you can see from the photo above our tent had to be anchored down with stones!!!! By 6am one of our tent poles had snapped and the tent was more or less blowing away! Gregg decided to go out and try being a human tent peg but decided it wasn't really a job he fancied while I had another couple of hours zedz! Luckily the rain stayed off and we managed to get the tent down and all our gear back down the hill! We were back home and in bed by 9am!! The tent had seriously suffered though, by the time we took it down another pole has snapped and part of it had ripped!!! The joys of camping on a hillside in Scotland!! We did round the adventure off with a nice BBQ'd breakfast later on in the morning at our place when the rest of the troops had given in and packed up camp too!

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