Monday, August 28, 2006

We had a fantastic day on Saturday at the Strathardle Gathering, that was the first time we'd been. Lots of sheep and cattle to look at, all very impressive! There were Highland Games on in the morning as well as the Highland Dancing competition. Our little friend Catriona was dancing, she won 6 medals, 3 firsts, 2 seconds and a third, as well as the overall cup winner for her group - well done Catriona!
Lots of money was spent trying to win a gold fish, both Catriona and I won one each! So far both are still alive although Catrionas has already jumped out of it's bowl once!!

The men spent most of the afternoon in the beer tent while us girls (myself, Christine, Suzie and Catriona) had fun taking part in the musical cars. You have to drive around the main ring and when the music stops the passenger has to run into the centre of the ring and grab a flag. Lots of cheating goes on, we didn't do too well as we got caught on the corner, we'll just have to do better next year!

After a few beers in the pub after the show, we managed to drag them men home to enjoy a great night up at our neighbours, John and
Christines farm. We all enjoyed a game of the
"cornflake box game"! You have to pick up the

cereal box with your teeth without your hands
touching the floor! Not the easiest, there were some very sore legs by the end of the game, as usual there was a reasonable amount of competitiveness between us all, determined to get that last slither off the floor! The remaining three were Catriona, Steve and myself, Catriona being the only one who actually managed to pick it up with her teeth, although I did manage to lick the floor! By 3am Gregg was asleep on the kitchen floor so we decided it was time to go home! All in all it was a fabulous day enjoyed by all!

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Fiona & Damian said...

Hi Lisa & Gregg,

Thanks for the message on our blog and thanks for the tips on starting a blog, it is a great way to keep in touch.

We can believe Gregg fell asleep on the floor at 3am.
However we recognise his backside from previous parties!! He was always a bit of a lightweight.

Great to see the highland dancing photos and the mention of Pittenweem (we used to have a family holiday house on the way down to the harbour).

we're off to New Zealand for a week tommorrow, so will update photos on our blog when we get back.

All the best,

Fiona & Damian