Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The T-pot club.

It's all that Cherry Menloves fault, she started it.......... only joking! Everyone has been showing off their T-pots and jugs so I thought I'd join the club!

Here's a picture of the cupboard where I keep all my nice china, mostly Bridgewater Pottery, a lot of which I have very kindly been given.

Here's my lovely hearts T-pot, in beside some lovely mugs and one of my favourite little jugs that my sister-in-law, Kirsty, gave me a couple of years ago for Christmas. Gregg hates the T-pot as it does dribble a little when pouring, apparently it will get better with time, either that or he's just rubbish at pouring the T!

Here's another one of my favourite little flowery jugs which I bought at one of the Country Living Spring Fairs in Scotland. It is soooo pretty and the perfect size for wild flowers in the summer, I tend to use it more as a vase than a jug!

And here is my latest purchase, I bought this beauty at the Perth Christmas Fair that I did last week. The stall was all beautiful china, made by the lady herself, when I saw it I just had to have it! I also got a lovely little jug for my nana for her Christmas, it has a cream background with lots of wild flowers on it, really, really sweet.

Over at Willow House there are lots of T-pots on show too, you should go and have a look, and also some gorgeous homespun goodies for sale - be quick before they all go!

Nonnie also has a beautiful T cosy on show over at hers too.

Right, I think I'll go off and have a cup of T after all that chat!


carolyn said...

Thanks Lisa!
Lovely collection, I've been hankering after some Emma Bridgewater myself - the hearts & hippy flowers, don't know what it is called. But your jugs are lovely, so very pretty.

Nonnie said...

Thanks for the mention Lisa.
I love the pink and white spotty jug and also the last flowery jug. But all your things are really pretty. I love Emma Bridgewater things. I don't have any myself but my sister has the spotty range which I love.

Joanna said...

You make lovely things. I love everybody showing of there tea pots, only wish I had nice ones to show off. Sorry for being a little slow after you left me a lovely comment, thankyou I have now discovered your lovely blog. If its ok it would be lovely to link to you.