Thursday, December 14, 2006

This week

It has been over a week since I last posted due to the madness here at Primrose Hill Headquarters! The phone never stopped ringing last week with orders, so I owe a huge thank you to Country Living Magazine!
As promised, I have an update on the "stove fitting"! Gregg has been working really hard at it, and has now got all the pointing finished on the wall that will be behind the stove. He's taken it back to the original wall and will be lime washing it next week hopefully. He's off to dig out a couple of flag stones for the hearth, they are currently located in the floor of a beautiful dutch barn not far from us.
Here's a picture of the chimney sweep last week, looking very "Mary Poppins!" and the fire place in it's current state!
This is little Lexie, the younger of our two cats, she's a little madam, but very cute and adorable! She's very good at keeping me company these days when she's not getting up to mischief!
Well, I'd better get on with some more sewing, more orders to get out today. Thank you all for your kind comments about the updated web site and for all the orders, you've certainly kept me busy over the last couple of weeks!
Hopefully the next update will be of the stove in working order, fingers crossed!
L x


Nonnie said...

Well done on all your recent orders. That's great that the Country Living feature has been so successful for you.
Hope you get the fireplace finished. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
Lexie looks very sweet. She's got a lovely face.

Joanna said...

Thats excellent you have had loads of orders. I spotted you in country living and it looked lovely. Hope you get your stove working it would be so nice to have a stove will have to wait till we move.

Twinkle Pink said...

Thank you for leaving a post on my blog I loved collecting all the bits and pieces for my tree. Good luck with yours, look forward to seeing a pic on your blog.

Went on to your website, lovely things. I am envious of your location, how lucky you are. We have been looking for property in Scotland, Morayshire looks nice. Good luck with the business. Best wishes Ginny.

Donna said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful button hearts that arrived on Saturday. I love them. I'm sure I will be ordering more from you in the New Year. xxx

carolyn said...

Merry Christmas Lisa.

weirdbunny said...

Wood burning stoves are great, we've got them in 2 rooms, however they make loads of dust and dirt. The woodcutter loves ours, as it means he can spend all spare time cutting wood. (yip his favourite past time!)