Friday, August 17, 2007

Busy bee

It's been a busy old week this week, trying to wade through a HUGE order for a shop in Portree - I'll be glad when it's finished!

A little sandy beach on Eriskay looking over to S. Uist.

The gang at the hostel.

The hostel at Howmore.

Here's some more photos from the Uists, we camped for three nights at the hostel at Howmore. A great little place with a lovely atmosphere, we met up with some super people there, with whom we shared evenings of flying the kite on the beach, fishing and playing scrabble - great fun. The days were spent looking for otters (which we saw), listening to Corncrakes and dotting around the islands looking at various artists work during the arts festival, just my cup of tea!

A gorgeous little croft house.

Wild orchids.

Otter watching.

Unfortunately it's gotten to that time of year again when the "C" word (Christmas!) is being banded around the house like it's just around the corner, not something that I particlurly enjoy, seeing as the sun is shining and it is actually quite warm outside! Hey ho, the joys of being wrapped up in the world of retail...............(ha ha!)

Enjoy your weekend.

L x

P.S. Thank you to the lovely ladies Marie and Tracy for the awards, will post about them next week.


carolyn said...

A "HUGE" order has got to be good, well done.

Anonymous said...

We are now home and back to reality, back to work on Monday.
Thanks for posting some more lovely pictures. They really do remind me of what a beautiful country we live in.
Christmas, oh my god! It will be here before we know it. I have to admit though that I love christmas time. Such a family orientated time of year. This year it is our time with my family at Christmas, and I can't wait. Will also hopefully spend some time with the in-laws too.
Need to stop about Christmas now and enjoy what is left of the summer!!
Good luck with order


Gigibird said...

The other people at the hostel - did you know them?
I am desperate to visit Scotland
Your photos are fantastic

weirdbunny said...

Well I'm not thinking Christmas, but after getting school uniform and all that back to school stuff I'm thinking Autumn soon !!! New winter coat, gloves, winter boots !

Samantha said...

"HUGE" order eh?

Sound good - well done!


Nonnie said...

More gorgeous photos. You're making me want to visit Scotland more and more. You're not alone in mentioning the C word. I'm already planning as I have a number of fairs to do and the first one is in October so not actually that far away. Luckily it is cloudy and cool here today with a very strong threat of rain in the air so not too difficult to get C motivated!

Wild Rose said...

Hi Lisa

I still can't get over that beautiful scenery...I long to visit!

I suppose that it is time that I started thinking about Christmas...but I hate the idea of making lots of products at the moment! Still recovering from last week's shows.

Marie x

Anonymous said...

Ah, what lovely photo's you have taken. I enjoyed their beauty!

cd&m said...

Your holiday looks wonderful what a brilliant destination. Well done getting a huge order.

Primrose Hill said...

Lynn - no we didn't know the people at the hostel, we just clicked with them and became a bit of a gang that hung out in the evenings, playing scrabble and drinking whisky! A visit to Scotland is a must, especially considering the west coast seems to be the only place to have had a decent summer this year.

The HUGE order is driving me nuts, I just want to get it finished asap, so I can get onto new projects, but there doesn't seem to be any light at the tunnel at the moment, hopefully by tonight!

Right off to get on, but wishing I was sat on the beach right now! At least the sun is shining today, not a cloud in the shy!

L x

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats on the huge order! Your holiday photos are great - it looks really beautiful.
Kim x

Tracy said...

Great news about the order--very exciting! And these photos are amazing...just beautiful! I'm dragging my feet thinking about Christmas. I'm behind as it is getting autumn items in my shop. Since it's not been much of a summer, it's hard to think autumn. Happy Days! :o)

tash said...

Such beautiful photos, it makes me long to be on those white sandy beaches!

As for xmas - I've already started my "xmas box" - a way of buying things weekly for the big event. I make my xmas cakes next month, how time is flying!

Joy said...

What a beautiful place to be.

julia said...

Looks like you had an amazing holiday, and sunshine!!

Good luck with the order, and I'll pretend I didn't hear the "c" word just yet!

Julia x

Rowan said...

More lovely photos, Scotland and the islands are so beautiful, it makes me wish I'd visited more often, in my whole life I have only been twice. I must admit that Christmas hasn't really entered my thoughts as yet, until I've been away in September it will remain summer in my head, or autumn anyway - it already feels autumnal here in spite of the nice weather we are having at the moment.

Alison said...

Hope the order goes well.
Lovely pictures.
Alison x

Joanna said...

Hope the work on the order went well. Lucky you seeing otters, I would love to see them.

Anonymous said...

Missing your posts. Hope you are going to post again soon!!


Twice said...

Hi Lisa! What great photos of your holiday - we sadly opted to stay at home this summer because we've had the builders in this year and we're trying to be sensible. What a mistake! I've gone nearly mad couped up inside with the rain stopping us doing all the things we'd planned.
Hope you are well.
x Caroline

Janie said...

I've never been further north than Glasgow,and certainly never visited the Scottish coastline. It looks beautiful....thanks for sharing it with us.