Friday, April 04, 2008

Exciting times ahead

This week has been an exciting week, all the pieces of the jigsaw are starting to slot together now. When we came back from the Western Isles last summer I was very inspired by the Uists Open Studio event that had been on while we were there. When we were on Orkney earlier this year they had a superb tourist Craft Trail, the art up there is second to none, but more on that another day. So, I was really excited this week when I discovered that Perthshire is hosting it's own Perthshire Open Studio event later on this year, and we're going to be a part of it. This is exactly what we need to promote all of the small designer/makers thriving in this area, and I'm hoping that on the back of it all we shall be able to have a permanent art trail around the county.
The event will take place from Saturday 27th September through until Sunday 5th October, a bit like the Pittenweem arts festival, taking in two weekends with the week in between. We don't intend on being open 7 seven days a week normally but for this event we'll be open right through, which will probably be quite a good thing as I'll be mad busy making for Christmas by then!
Hopefully it will bring in lots of tourists, but also it will allow local people to see the vast amount of talent that is on their doorstep. So off you go and pop those dates in your diary!
Have a great weekend.
L x


Irish Sallygardens said...

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your cottage life sounds very similar to ours. I love that pic of the geese ... are they friendly ... do they mess up the garden? I'd love some myself, as long as they didn't turn the lawn to mud and terrorise my children!

Raindrops to Rainbows said...

Im loving all the duck and chicken talk on your blog, your living my dream for me! Keep it up please!

Lindsay xx

Vanessa said...

I am visiting Kirkmichael in July, I started to get really excited that the festival might be on then, but no! What a bummer as I love that sort of thing!

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks for visiting PH, there are lots of other animals we'd love to have here but we just need to get a bit more land......! Our geese are fab, both girls, chinese whites and very friendly. They honk a lot but I think all geese do. I don't think they've ever hissed at me but that's probably because we don't have a gander. I know a couple of people with chinese white ganders so when we decide to breed them we can hopefully borrow one! The eggs are fanstastic too so well woth adding to your flock. On the garden front they do tend to eat plants and have a love of bulbs so we just keep them in the run and let them out on the grass when we're outside, they're behaving quite well at the moment and haven't eaten anything yet! They do like (and need) to have water, a pond is perfect but they love both our burns are they're quite shallow most of the time. Give me a shout if there's anything else you'd like to know.

Hi Lindsay, I do love my chooks and the rest of the flock, they provide constant entertainment!

Hi Vanessa, that's such a shame that the festival isn't on when you're up here, you'll just have to come and visit us for a cuppa instead!

L x

Ziakoko said...

well done-its sometimes a big step to take opening up your home or studio to the public it can be hard to get local attention without losing your privacy- i hope it goes well- Zia

Ragged Roses said...

That's great news Lisa! I love it here during the Brighton Festival, all those art Open Houses, it's great to take part and also to wander round. Good luck with all of it

Anonymous said...

I! Oh my god!

Wild Rose said...

What exciting news Lisa! I'm sure that it will be an excellent showcase for your work ~ a wonderful opportunity to bring it to the attention of a wider audience.

Good Luck
Marie x

tea and cake said...

Hi Lisa, I've included you in a meme over on my blog. Hope you don't mind, and will have a go. love, Karen xx

ps. the 't' is knitted! Same colour as yours, but with different backing and fronting!

tash said...

It sounds wonderful! I envy your trips to Uist and Orkney, and a craft trail sounds great. I love the mouse on your previous post, he's fab and your accountant sounds just the sort you want.

Hope you're enjoying your week :)

carolyn said...

Like Becky I would love some geese, my husband however (bit of a country / farm boy) is quite adamant that they would "destroy the garden and foul the pond".
The festival sounds like a brilliant idea, look forward to hearing / seeing all about it.

Pretty Practicals said...

Lisa, ooh how exciting and what a great idea! I look forward to reading all about your preparations and plans...
Chat soon, Liz

Cherry Menlove said...

Lisa, I would give anything to come to Scotland for your grand opening but I have almost every weekend set aside for wedding and hen night stuff. It all goes by so quickly. I'm hoping that you haven't sneaked down to 'C', town near to me, in the last year and I've missed you!!

God, I love your blog.

Cherry xoxoxox