Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Taking stock

Today has been stock taking day to coincide with our financial end of year. I have never done this previously but seeing as I have a fantastic new accountant things are all done "properly" on the paper work front now. I never quite appreciated how much of a relief it would be handing over receipts and invoices at the end of every month and somebody else just "dealing" with the rest for you. She's very good and very focused and understands exactly what I'm doing here. She shares the same vision I have for the shop and can see the potential. She also likes to drink coffee and have a good old natter while counting things! I think we're going to get on rather well.
I feel like we're a grown up business now, all we need is for the studio to be finished and then the skies the limit as they say!
L x
P.S. Mr. Mouse has managed to keep out of the claws of the cats. Him and his friends will be for sale on the web site very soon. x


Bernadette said...

This is landlive like it should be - wonderful!
Greetings from Austria

Samantha said...

Your organisation is putting me to shame - must do something about it!


tea and cake said...

I love the book covers that are peeping through in your picture!