Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to work

Today we returned back to routine, the festivities over for another year. We both felt we'd had a good holiday and really enjoyed this Christmas especially. The house started to fill up on 23rd December, I was kept busy with sewing and orders right up until the day before, so it was a welcome break to start the holidays when the guests arrived! There were 6 of us in all, Gregg and myself, my Mum, my two sisters and my brother. We knew it would be strange, the first year without Dad, but somehow it has brought all so much closer together. Some tears and much laughter, but Dad certainly wasn't forgotten, we dragged everybody up Alyth Hill on Christmas Day to have a wee toast to Dad, I'm sure he was with us somewhere.

Lots of long walks were had with friends and dogs, a childrens reel with friends in the village hall, visitors coming and going, lots of good food, a little too much whisky but lots of fun was had over the last couple of weeks, it's just a shame it's all over for another year.

2009 will hopefully be a special year for us, I really do hope so. Plans are afoot for lots of exciting things, so fingers crossed that it all works out.

Wishing a very happy & prosperous 2009 to everyone who reads our little blog and supports our adventures in the country, I hope you all continue to enjoy it as much I enjoy writing it!

Love to all,

L xx


tea and cake said...

Yay, HAPPY NEW YEAR to You! Lovely to see you back, and what smashing pictures.

Jude said...

I hope all the things you want happen in 2009

Sal said...

Glad your Christmas was a good one.
I look forward to visiting your lovely blog throughout 2009 ;-)

Gingham and Flowers said...

Happy New Year Lisa. I'm so pleased you had a lovely Christmas despite the loss of your Dad. Love the picture of all your family and I'm sure he will have been looking with pride on you all. Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful 2009. I hope it brings everything you wish for. Fiona x

. said...

I was missing you. I like to read your blog and to see your pictures.


Tracy x said...

what a good looking family you are :)
i truly hope that you have a fantastic year - your Dad will be watching over you always x
i also hope, hope, hope that you do stop by if you visit this far North - at least this time we can offer you a cuppa inside a house!
let us know - it will be super to see you x
Happy New Year lovely lady
t x

Vanessa said...

Happy New year!

I'm really pleased that you had a good festive period and also that it was not too weird without your dad!

Looking forward to seeing how your plans unfold!

Vanessa x

Janneke said...

Hi Lisa,
How nice to see the pictures on your blog....and that you've had such a good time with your family.
I love the picture of Chrissie after her walk in the snow :)
Have a good start into the New Year and also all the best for your family in 2009 !!
Greetings, Janneke.

Lazylol said...

Best Wishes to you for 2009!

French Knots said...

Happy 2009! Glad you managed to enjoy Christmas despite missing your Dad.x

My Baboo said...

Happy new year Lisa, glad you had an anjoyable break - here's to 2009! Lx

Bertie x said...

Happy new year to you. Lovely to hear that you and your family enjoyed the Christmas holidays. Im looking forward to see what 2009 has in store for you.
Bertie x

Pipany said...

Good to see you back Lisa and Happy New Year xx

Pipany said...

Good to see you back Lisa and Happy New Year xx

Katherine said...

Nice to bump into you at Emma Bridgewater last week, hope you're enjoying all your purchases. I eventually made it to the other side of the shop!

Clover Yard said...

Lisa, wishing you a very happy New Yea. I'm really looking forward to reading all about your new plans and hoping that this will be the year I'll finally make a visit to meet you at your lovely studio! I love the photos in this post - you look like a very close family.
Love, Carolx

Kelly McClorey said...

wishing you a really wonderful new year...full of joy and adventures!
so glad that you had a lovely christmas...really nice to see you with your family and hear that you were close together thinking of your dad.

i'll be looking forward to sharing the journey with you through 2009! hugs xxx

Janette said...

Happy New Year to you I am so glad you had a lovely Christmas. I lost my dad 15 years ago on Christmas eve, every year we have a toast to him and he is never forgotten. If anything we make even more of an effort to enjoy Christmas and enjoy the memories. Hope the New year dreams all come true.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Lisa,

It sounds like the perfect break.

Happy New Year!

Marie x