Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I think I've gone into hibernation. Last week saw lots of drab, dreich days, I just wanted to curl up under the duvet and sleep.......

But this week has been all about crisp, hard frosts and Mr. Sunshine has come back out to play. It's amazing how a bit of sunshine can totally change your day :)

Some photos of the dazzling crystals in the garden.

Anyone else out there in hibernation?

L x


Pipany said...

Yes ME! Terrible - I was fine when we had that gorgeous weather a week ago but now it is grey and wet. It has turned me into a sloth!!! Beautiful, beautiful pictures Lisa xx

tea and cake said...

Yep, me too! I've just gone out this week, after curling up and staying by the fire last week - except for last Friday, which you'll hear about from Katie.
Sorry, I did get your message about a cuppa and some knitting - rain(!) check for next week?
Hopefully, will see you tomorrow eveing, anyway?
Your pictures are really lovely. X

Shabby Chick said...

Me too! In my case it's because my daughters aren't well and I'm dying to see some other people! Your pictures are beautiful xxx

Katherine said...

I seem to struggle more with the dark mornings every year. We've been watching the old Moomins series on DVD and they all hibernate in their cosy beds over winter, right now I would love to do that!

JacquiMcR said...

Lovely pictures! At least when its frosty it is generally bright. As I type this (I'm officially clearing out my wardrobe if anyone asks)I am looking out onto a damp grey January day. Not very inspiring!

LissyLou said...

what lovely pictures!! just looking at them makes me want to snuggle under a blanket with a big mug of hot chocolate!! x

Samantha said...

Hi Lisa,
will reply to your e-mail later. Definitely agree with you that a bit of sun changes everything!


Dusty Spider said...

Hi Lisa, no we're not hibernating down here. We've had some beautiful days, cold but glorious sunshine. Love your pics. Flick xx

Catherine said...

YES! Hibernation~I have Spring FeVeR bad! :) But you're frosty captures are stunning!

Wild Rose said...

I am! We have had severe cold for a week and going out in -28C wind chill isn't much fun!

Stunning photos Lisa.

Marie x

claire Maraldo said...

Yes, I am in semi hibernation . .moving very slowly! my mum says "dreich". She is a highlander and full of sayings that we just think are her own eccentricities . . obviously not.

The frost and snow is so pretty tho'.

I love your pictures.

tea and cake said...

Hiya, lovely to chat today. There is an Award for you, over on my blog. x

Alison said...

Oh me too! I do love the snow but I am looking forward to those brighter spring days.

Aqeela said...

You have a very inspirational blog, its been a while since i popped over though! I hope to have enough time to read alot more of it now that i am soon to become a housewife again!! Yey, one week of work to go!!!

Aqeela xx