Friday, April 24, 2009

Stuffing & handsewing

I'm a real Friday loving girl, the weekend is about to start, I deliver the eggs in the village, Fridays just buzz along nicely. Today, I decided to stuff and handsew some of this weeks production, seeing as there was a rather large pile of it mounting up.

We open up for the summer two weeks today, as usual I'm leaving it all to the last minute! The studio looks like a bomb has hit it and needs a major tidy and move around, there's still pine needles on the floor from the Christmas tree...........the next couple of weeks are going to be busy.

Seeing as I feel I know my customers quite well I decided to start making lots of what I know sells well, so lavender bags were the order of the day today in the handsewing. Next week I'll get making some other new pieces, which I'm rather looking forward to.

We're off for the weekend, back down the road to visit friends and family, we're both looking forward to it as it'll be our last weekend off for a while. For the next few weeks it'll be all hands on deck, literally......Gregg has started on the deck outside the studio and has promised me it'll be finished for us opening back up in May.......fingers crossed eh!
Happy weekend. I'm off to put eggs in boxes. xx


Sal said...

Gorgeous things! Hope it all goes well when you open! ;-)

Rebecca said...

Hi, I've been following your blog recently after starting my own blog last month. So I’m still getting used to it all! I've met you the last couple of years at the Green Gallery Christmas Fair...(I’m the one selling colourful glasses!) Anyway, I just wanted to say congratulations on your lovely baby news, and also to say how much I'm loving your cushions-they're gorgeous! I will have to pay a wee visit up to your shop in the summer. Rebecca x

Vanessa said...

Congratulations on your exciting news, you and Greg must be thrilled!

Good luck with getting all your stock ready for the Studio opening.

Vanessa x

Handmade in Israel said...

I have just stumbled across your blog and love seeing your life "in the sticks". Your cushions are gorgous too!

Calico Kate said...

These cushions are really gorgeous.