Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's a dreich Sunday afternoon, so I've spent a couple of hours downloading photos and catching up whilst sat next to the stove......and this is August weather??? So at last, here are some photos of the progress of the build, it's coming on but the rain hasn't helped over the last week.

Everyone keeps asking me if we'll be finished before the babe arrives, do you think we'll be finished in 8 weeks..........?

This is our bath for the main bathroom, salvaged from our friends garden, they rescued it from a flat in Edinburgh, but had 3 to choose from so we got this one for a box of beer!!!! The feet have to come off and be cleaned up and I'm planning on painting the underneath a nice Cornflower/Forget - me - not blue, another job to add to the list!
The windows arrived on Friday afternoon, after a little bit of humming and hawing I decided I liked them........good job eh!
Enjoy the week ahead, fingers crossed the weather is a bit better!
L x


tea and cake said...

Hi Lisa! Lovely to see you on Saturday, and looking so well! The piccies are a lovely idea, but, um, not sure about the 8 weeks deadline!

sue15cat said...

Haha...of course you'll be finished...have you never watched, Changing Rooms. DIY SOS or 60 Minute Makeover...they do it all the time!!

Really, I hope things can crack on a bit more for you now that we are having a little bit more nicer weather.

That bath looks amazing...I can just see it blue underneath with lovely clean feet.

Good luck with it all.

Sue xx

Pipany said...

Lovely to see you back Lisa and to catch up on your news. Much bath envy here! Hope all is well with the last bit of the pregnancy xx

Rebecca said...

Hi Lisa! What a lot of work.... but just think how nice it will be once its all complete. Cornflower blue/ forget-me-not blue will set your bath off beautifully. Hope your pregnancy is going well....not long now!! I'm due in i'm half way there, and so excited! Take Care x

Sara said...

Wow - how busy you have been! Things have really come on. I do hope all goes well for you in the coming weeks xx

Charlotte said...

Hi Lisa, hope all is going well. Wow - lots of stuff happening over your way. LOVING THE BATH! Charlotte : )

Kate said...

thank you, Lisa and friends and family, for a lovely afternoon at 'Primrose Hill' - for cupcakes, chooks and encouraging conversation about blogs, not to mention all the mouthwatering crafts filling your studio. The boys had a brilliant time and told daddy all about it (especially the ducks and chickens) when we got home.

Hope you have a great 'open' week and don't get too exhausted trying to do it all AND grow a baby!
Best wishes

Tracy x said...

lovely to hear from you - glad all is well and that the build is progressing - worry not you will still have your roof on before us!

My Baboo said...

Hi Lisa, looks like it will be an amazing space inside - oops I've gone all architecty! Hope you are well - not long till jnr gets here! Lx

Lorna said...

Strewth - 8 weeks! That's ambitious but best of luck. I can rem trying to get a house fin before our first baby arrived. He was very obliging and was 12 days late!
The bath will look fab.

townie said...

Followed a link to your blog from Sara @ completely quakers blog..

Great blog and will follow your progress :-) Love the pottery in your shop too, i'll need to throw hints at my hubby its our anniversary this month :-)

Good luck with the build and the baby

Sarah x