Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hanging on in there....

Hello abandoned little blog, where has the time gone? I feel very bad for not updating you very often but life just seems to have gotten in the way, building, sewing and a growing bump taking up lots of energy.

Photos of cute windows, big spaces, and the view from outside.

But, we're hanging on in there, the new part of the house is nearly finished so we'll be able to move in soon and then the renovation part can be done on the existing house. A week to go until the bump is due to arrive, although I have a feeling he/she may be early.........x
Sorry for not visiting many blogs to say hello, my report card would most definitely say "must try harder" this year...........
Hopefully speak to you all soon with news from the stork.x


Katherine said...

I was just wondering how you were getting on, house extension looks great. Good luck with the new arrival!

Pipany said...

Oh I'm so glad you let us know how you are Lisa. So excited for you! A new bit to your house - and it looks gorgeous - and a precious baby. Can't wait to hear more. Best of luck xx

sue15cat said...

Hope everything goes well with the new arrival, look after yourself.

Sue xx

fenandned said...

Oohh! Lots going on, good luck with everything and can't wait to hear baby news!
Take Care,
Sarah x

Fell Tops said...

Was only thinking about you the other day as a friend had a baby and I thought you must be due soon!

Glad the work on the house is going well, I bet you feel it has gone on forever!

Good luck with the stork delivery, let us know the news.

Vanessa x

Gem said...

The extension is looking good, bet you're looking forward to moving in!

Good luck for next week with the new arrival :) xxx

. said...

Don't get too tired.

Janie said...

Best of luck Lisa. Look forward to hearing your good news soon. I wish you a quick and smooth delivery. :-)

kelly said...

wow your nest is looking wonderful! what a lot of work...it's going to make the most amazing home for you and your lovely family : )

will be thinking of you lots over the next week. can't wait to read the next update and see your little bundle of joy!

take good care and remember to breathe!!! lots of love from kelly Xx

Tracey said...

Just came across your blog, lots to come back and have a look at!

Extension looks amazing, can't wait to see the finished product.

And a baby too.......you most definately have your hands full.
Kids are just wonderful. Our little one is just about to turn 2 in January. Never had a minute to ourselves since....love every minute!!

Off to organise one of these blogs things for myself.

Take care


Alison said...

Best wishes from me - such an exciting time, hope all goes really well. Look forward to seeing you and meeting the new arrival when you are ready to be admired. Love Alison

Rebecca said...

Wow , what a lot of work. Hope your keeping well. Lots of luck for the next few weeks. I'm busy getting all my glassware ready for the upcoming christmas craft fairs! See you at the Green Gallery! Rx