Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beautiful days

Spring is well and truly here, isn't the weather just fab? We had such a lovely weekend just pottering around in the garden, life is good. I spent a good part of the weekend tidying in the garden, the greenhouse got blitzed, it still had the remains of christmas wreath making lying around in it! I had so many pots with lilies and dahlias from last summer starting to show signs of life so I repotted them in fresh compost, fingers crossed they bloom this year.

Gregg was getting on with the edging down the drive so hopefully we will soon be able to get some gravel delivered and get sowing some grass seed, at last we will have a presentable front garden instead of a mud bath!
We also headed up to Glenshee Pottery, Diana was opening on Sunday for the season. As usual the place was looking lovely, full of all her gorgeous pottery and lots of other finds. Hopefully the good weather will be bringing the tourists north and she'll have a busy start to the season. If you are up this way do pop in, you'll get a cuppa and some home made shortbread, they are open 7 days a week from 10am - 5pm, just off the A93.
Today, I popped down to the village to post a couple of parcels, I enjoy going to the post office as I generally always bump into someone I know. The service is dreadfully slow but I would be really sad if it was one of the rural post offices that is likely to be shut down. It is always busy, has a great selection of cards and has recently opened up a small gallery through the back. I presume this is another way for the post master to make a living from it so lets hope it works. Is this happening to your rural post office - is it likely to be closed?
I also popped into our fab hardware store, they have everything and anything, a real Aladins cave of goodies, shops like these are sadly few and far between nowadays so we are very lucky still to have one in the village. I went in looking for seed potatoes, red onion sets and a little tin of red paint. They didn't have any red onion sets but had the other two things I was looking for - I'll show you what the red paint was for in my next post hopefully!
I came home all excited and desperate to know what to do with the seed potatoes, I bought early Duke of Yorks I think, I should have paid more attention! So, I made myself a big mug of coffee, took myself out onto the bench in the sun and read my two favourite books at the moment, Sarah Ravens "The Great Vegetable Plot" and "A Greener Life" by Clarissa Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott. I think between the two books I should be well prepared for what lies ahead in the veggie plot over the next few months. I really am looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it all and writing about our progress.
Well it's far too nice a day to be stuck inside on the computer so I'm off outside to sit and do some work - hope you are all enjoying the great weather too.

L x


carolyn said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and that you live in a lovely place with a nice community. Our local postoffice (not rural) closed down a few years ago. Have to say I could never understand the reasoning behind that as it was always packed.

Ragged Roses said...

What a perfect weekend. We spent a lot of time in our garden too. I'd love to have a greenhouse! Good luck with the potatoes and let us know about the red paint!
Kim x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone was out in the garden at some point over the weekend. Today was my day to tackle the mess of a garden we were left by the previous owners.
My partner and I get married this year and really do need to make our garden more inviting for visitors.
Would be nice to see some more pictures of your garden to try and get some ideas for ours. You sounds like a bit of a wiz in the garden, I on the other hand am a bit of a gardening virgin!!

Really have enjoyed reading your blog over the last few days.


Angel Jem said...

Enjoy the sunshine! And I think the fact you have bunting up in your green house is a real sign of a craft blogger. We need a motto, something along the lines of "Utilitarian and beautiful.... but beauty matters most"

Marie said...

What a lovely way to spend the weekend. Living in the city, I miss those opportunities to chat in the local shops - people are always in such a rush! I hope to escape to a more rural life in the future and I can't wait to have a garden of my own and a chance to grow veggies.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi all,

Carolyn - we are very lucky, our little village is very well served and has a great community feel to it, every Saturday there is a coffee morning to raise funds for something or other and they generally always raise about £1000!

Kim - will hopefully have photos of what the red paint was for tomorrow or Friday, it's very exciting!

Hi Poppy - glad you are enjoying my ramblings! Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you! I've enjoyed gardening since I was very young, my grandmother was a big influence in that department and had me weeding at a very young age! This is really the first year I have been well organised in the garden and had the space to enjoy doing it in. I think you'll enjoy my next post!

Angel Gem - bunting is a must in the green house! Hoping to spruce it up a bit this year with a lick of white paint!

Marie - thanks for visiting, I'll have to pop over to yours soon!

L xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Have been meaning to send you a note since the CL fair. It was nice to meet you there and see your fab stall. I got your last "dotty" bag so was very pleased with that - it's meant to be a present but I'm hoping I can find something else for my friend and then I'll just have to keep it for me!!

The pottery looks amazing - I am very tempted to make a trip when I'm next home in Glasgow although it is quite a distance away. Is there a website for the pottery itself?

Keep up with the blog - it's a great read!

Annie (Warwickshire)

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for getting in touch! Glad you like the dotty bag, I must get some more of them made and get them on the web site! Hope you enjoyed the fair, it's a great day out.
The pottery is featured on the blog on Wed 28th March - The Pottery Range - details and prices are given. It will soon be available to buy on our website, but in the meantime if you'd like any just drop me an e-mail.

Best wishes,

Lisa x

Janie said...

You paint a wonderful picture of your life in Scotland. I really enjoy reading about it. I love gardening too....something I hope I have more time for this year.

More lovely pottery too.

Nonnie said...

Hope you have another sunny weekend in the garden. I love your greenhouse, especially its bunting decoration. I'm very pleased to hear that your post office is surviving. It's a subject that gets me really mad. Our local post office survives but they're always getting us to sign petitions on the subject and I suspect it's only that they are a newsagent as well that they survive. My parents don't have a post office any longer meaning that their village is without any kind of shop now. Even in Chelsea where I work, they've closed three post offices along the Kings Road and replaced them with just one! I dread going there as the queues are always horrendous because basically it's just not enough to service the huge amount of people that live, work or just pass through this area. Oh dear, now you've set me ranting! Have a very lovely Easter weekend. x

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Just wanted to post a happy easter msg to you and all those who read your blog. So Happy Easter everyone!!!
What is everyone going to be up to? My partner and I have a birthday/house warming party on saturday and wedding things to do on sunday, so not actually that relaxing!! Next weekend we hope to manage to St Andrews if the weather remains good, the beach is lovely there. We also like to go to the new club house for a glass of vino.
Anyway hope you all have a lovely time what ever you will be doing.