Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring showers

At last some rain has arrived in our neck of the woods, in the form of spring showers, little bursts of really heavy rain, on and off all morning. It always amazes me the weather and peoples reaction to it. We have a spell of beautiful Spring sunshine, perfectly timed with the Easter holidays, but we still manage to complain, everyone talking about how dry the ground is, having to water spring plants and the like, and how they wished it would rain! Why is it that sometimes we are never a happy nation?

Anyway, amidst the glorious sunshine of last weekend we managed to have our first BBQ's, both Saturday and Sunday night, sitting outside enjoying the last of the days rays, how fab is that for mid April?

I also got stuck into the seed planting in a big way, probably a little bit late, but still early enough not to be too worried that I'll be harvesting my peas in September! I got the pasting table set up and had a little production line going, while dancing away to a digital radio station we've just discovered, Life, they play lots of oldies mixed in with some new stuff. Gregg and I spent the whole weekend saying to each other "ooh listen to this one, I haven't heard that in ages......." boogy, boogy, boogy!

It was actually mostly flower seeds that I was planting, 17 varieties in all, so no excuses for empty beds this year! The last of the veggie seeds will be planted tomorrow hopefully, if I get my finger out of my (slightly bruised) bottom and get all my work finished today, nothing like a deadline to get you going and the thought of a day off spent in the garden!

Photos are of the quickly filling up greenhouse and some Rocket that has germinated already.

On the chicken front, the duck came off the nest yesterday so no ducklings from her I'm afraid. Bit of a shame but I had my doubts after we'd disturbed her, I'd rather she was safe than foxy loxys supper though. Plenty of time yet for little ducklings though, we have to live and learn from our mistakes!


tash said...

Those seeds look very organised! Mine are rather a hodge podge - we have threatened rain but it's still so warm and sunny I'm not sure!

Sorry to hear about the duck - if the eggs aren't addled yet, they would make fantastic cakes!

p.s. You're up for a Thinking Blogger Award ;-)

Alison said...

You put me well and truley to shame...yes we have had two Bar-B-Q's but not much work has been done on the garden yet!
Just a lot of drinking coffee sitting in the sun and sewing!!!!!:-)
Alison x

Marie said...

Hi Lisa
You have been busy! We are finally seeing some sunshine and it looks like spring is arriving at last.

It's a shame that your duck is off her nest, but as you say, it is a learning experience. Maybe next time...

Marie x

Ragged Roses said...

You've just reminded me of the packets of seeds in the kitchen drawer that I keep meaning to sow! You are going to have a beautiful garden this year. Glad your bottom's recovering and that the duck is safe!
Kim x

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Lisa,
Seed planting is my little girls favourite hobby at the moment, we now have a Rocket field! we will be eating it forever!

Looks like you have been very busy, planting and I am sure that the rewards will be great. I can't wait to see photos of your garden in the summer x

No baby duckies, what a shame, but better to be safe than sorry.

Victoria x

weirdbunny said...

Still no rain for us ! It's forecast for Sunday though, this is good ad the garden needs watering and my house definately needs cleaning. Everything had been put on hold for me since the hot sunny weather came. Well apart from sitting in the garden weeding and helping Gwenny plant up her own vegtable garden that she's been given as her own veggie garden this year. Enjoy the weekend - Julia x

cherry menlove said...

The first bar-b-q of the season is always rather monumental. You think that you'll be eating al fresco for the rest of the year but hten, like you say, the rain comes. Hey ho! You have been very busy in the garden. Sorry that there have been no chicklets yet but at least she's safe.

Love Cherry
If you're ever in Cranleigh you must tell me.

carolyn said...

I'm told that Bantams make good sitters, Stuart's fathers always used to transfer eggs to a broody Banty! Or maybe you could consider an incubator?

rach said...

You are making me feel guilty. I am sooo behind with my veg patch this year.

Just written a long post about our crafty swap by the way! Still enjoying all my new beautiful things.

Had some nice comments this weekend about the gingham heart I have tied to my handbag. A couple of people asked me if I had made it. I was honest enough to admit that it wasn't me, and that they had to google Primrose Hill Interiors!

sal said...

Hi Lisa

this rain has done lots for the garden hasn't it?I've got seeds springing up all over the place, I find it wierd that I really seem to struggle to get flower seeds going but have veggie ones springing up in no time?! maybe there's a specific type of green fingers? I love potting in the shed planting and pricking out - try to get Paul involved the other day but he really didn't feel the same about it!