Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crafty swapperoony!

I had planned to post about other things today but when the posty arrived with a rather large parcel for moi I just had to tell you all about it!
You'll recall from previous posts that I have a cyber twin, Rach, over at Oh the glamour...... From being days appart in age to lots of other things that we're both experiencing in life, it's just way too freaky how similar our lives actually are, but I won't go into all of that. We met at the Country Living Fair, I'm not sure if there was a crack of lighting outside the hall when we clapped eyes on each other, but I'm pretty sure a firm friendship has been found.
Last week Rach suggested that we do a little crafty swap, and true to her word a huge parcel arrived today, here's what was in it..........
beautiful hand dipped candles......

really groovy knicker discs........

a huge selection of gorgeous handmade cards......

and a fab covered notebook .

All handmade by the lovely Rach herself and available to buy in her on-line shop. What better way to start a boring old Tuesday! So all that's left for me to say is a HUGE THANK YOU to Rach, your parcel from me will be winging it's way over to you this week!

On the home front, Mrs. Duck decided to sit on her 12 eggs on Sunday so when we went to shut everybody in she was sat tightly guarding her nest. We put an old wooden fruit crate over the top of her with a large stone on top, thankfully she managed to survive the night out on her own. After getting lots of advice from the Practical Poultry Forum, we were advised not to leave her outside as a fox would stop at nothing to have her for a snack. So last night we managed to lift her off the nest, move her beautiful blue eggs and most of the nesting into a little coop for her to stay in. We're not sure whether this will work but we can only try. She has been out in the little run this morning making lots of noise, having a bath and some food. I had to coax her back into the coop where she has now returned to sitting on the eggs. I am a bit concerned that she is coming off the eggs for too long, up to two hours at a time, but I'm sure she knows what she's doing. We've got the whole summer ahead of us to try and hatch ducklings and I'd rather try doing it the natural way this time round.


rach said...

Glad the things arrived safely and that you liked them.

It's really exciting about your duck. I think there is nothing cuter than little ducklings. I agree with your decison to move her, depite the risks she might have rejected the eggs. Much better that than a foxy lunch.

speak soon,
Rach x

Ragged Roses said...

It's great to get parcels, especially when the contents are as exciting as yours! Thanks for introducing me to knicker discs - I had no idea what they were! Good luck with the duck, best to keep her away from the foxes.
Kim x

Jo said...

It's my sister's Birthday soon and I think some Knicker Discs should be in the parcel!
Hope your duck settles well and the eggs hatch.

Alison said...

Good luck with the ducks.
Swaps are really fun aren't they!
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Well you have been busy, what with looking after your duck. You sound like you will be busy in the next few days also making your box to return to Rachel.
I also have been very busy. Thankfully we have now finished the back garden, of which I am very proud!! Can't wait to finish the front garden now. I also finished our wedding invites today which will hopefully go out within the next wee while, its all very exciting. Next in line is my hen night, I wonder what my bridesmaid have in store for me?
Looking forward to reading your next post.

Poppy x

Marie said...

I'm glad you had a link for the knicker discs, because I had no idea what they were!

Hope the eggs hatch - it is such fun watching the little ducklings following their mother around!
Marie x

Primrose Hill said...

Hi All,
The knicker discs are a fab idea aren't they? thuoght they might bamboozle some of though, hence the links!

Hi Poppy, sounds like you've been busy in the garden too! It's lovely to be able to make you're own wedding invitations isn't it, I made all of ours too, along with the cakes, my wedding dress and all the bridesmaids dresses (with the help of my Nana and Mother-in-law!). Was very stressful at the time but the end result was fantastic.
When and where are you getting married, am I right in assuming you're up here in Scotland? I love a good wedding, all very exciting!

Fingers crossed some duck eggs hatch, although I read yesterday that call ducks are notoriously difficult to hatch and that mother ducks aren't the greatest at being mothers, so we'll just have to wait and see. All part of the very steep learning curve of keeping animals!

L x

tash said...

It's not easy using an incubator, my mum tried it when her school was showing children about chicks and easter etc, but the incubator wasn't as good as a real broody would've been. I'm sure the duck will take to sitting, like a proverbial duck to, um, water!