Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ok, this is a bit weird. It would appear that I have a cyber twin. What?, I hear you all say, yep, a cyber twin. While taking my usual trip through blogland, checking my fave sites, I came across this.

Ooooh, I hear you all say, that is a bit freaky. The freakiest bit of all, is that Rachels blog was probably one of the first blogs I started reading when I entered this other universe, yet I've only recently felt compelled to comment, I think that's what you call a "lurker"!! The only bit in Rachels comparison of our two parallel lives that isn't quite accurate is that I didn't move to Scotland, I've pretty much always lived in this country all my life. But the even freakier bit is that before we moved up here to the sticks, I lived not that far from her..........

So, I wonder if we will ever meet? will we be alike? or are there thousands of us out there all living this idyllic life of crafting, chicken keeping, house renovating and gin drinking at the wonderfully young age of 30 (not quite there yet, still another 22 1/2 days to go, sorry Rach, didn't mean to rub it in!), is it just a coinicidence that our paths have crossed......................?
We'll see.

You should have a read of Rachels blog, Oh, the glamour....,about life in general and extremely entertaining.

Ooh, and another thing while I'm talking about all things weird and bloggy, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I get a bit freaked out when "anonymous" people start leaving comments and I don't have a clue who they are. I feel as if I should know who they are but don't, as they seem to know me - so can you make yourself known please? Ta.

L x

P.S. Yes, I know you're probably all thinking, poor thing, she's been on the gin already this morning, well I haven't, the bar doesn't open until 5pm in our house. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this, but if you have time to blog you have time to have a G&T, both can be done in tandem and it is generally a very nice experience!

Right, I think I've said enough for one day.


Nonnie said...

All very freaky indeed. I've just been to have a look at Rachels blog. I actually think that a lot of us bloggers are living in a kind of parallel universe. Most days I read something by someone and think 'Ooh that could be me'.I suppose we all must have a certain amount in common because of what we do and the fact we all enjoy reading each others blogs? I often wonder what it would be like to all meet and how everyone would get on in reality rather than just through blog land.

Tracy said...

I can multi task too - blog and Gin!!!

Jane said...

I believe that I do things just because I want to and then I notice that everyone seems to be doing the same things and I am actually PART OF A TREND. I hate that.

It might be useful to have a cyber double though.

I wondered as well if the anonymous commenter was telling you off - you old soak you.

You can tick a box that doesn't allow anonymous comments.


carolyn said...

Weird huh! Actually I'm always amazed by the similarities between various bloggers,and like Nonnie I do wonder how we would get on in "real life".
Re. Lady Hamiltons Nip (& one for Greg: Nelson's blood) they are mixed at the Lord Nelson, Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk but are available by mail order through their web site
for when you need a change from the gin!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

It`s kinda neat though, that you have a sort of cyber twin :)
Enjoying your blog. Wish there was some sign of spring here!


Vintage to Victorian said...

Have to ask - which particularly "quality" gin is your tipple? Lucky you, the sun isn't over the yardarm until 6.00 here, except in emergencies!