Friday, February 02, 2007

Gorgeous day

Work wise, today has been crap, one of those days when you really just feel like throwing in the towel and getting a normal job................
But, thankfully it was a gorgeous sunny day, I took myself off for a long walk with Chrissie this afternoon to sort my head out, I'm a great believer in thinking that you have to have the lows to appreciate the highs, my way of putting a positive spin on having a rubbish day!

But best of all was this........................................
.....................getting the washing out on the line! And there's nothing better than bring it in, pretty much dry and smelling wonderful................until you get a whiff of the sceptic tank and then the moment is totally lost! Ooh, the joys of living in the country, I'm off to put the chickens to bed, light the fires, make the tea and have a large bombay sapphire and tonic, I think we may even have a lime lurking in the fruit bowl.
Enjoy your weekend.
L x


carolyn said...

Oh now you've got me going, Bombay Sapphire or Sloe gin? Or maybe a Lady Hamilton's nip (rum with herbs to some secret recipe)?
Have a lovely weekend and all will be well again.

Primrose Hill said...

Have you had one of those days too? Would love a sloe gin but never quite got round to collectiong any sloes! Do ahve damson gin though which is rather tasty! Your lady Hamilton's nip sounds good though, where can you get that from?
Enjoy your weekend.
L x

Maddy said...

It's my first time here but after reading about your crap day I'll have to come and what's next. Enjoy that Bombay Sapphire.

Jane said...

Martin Millers gin and Fevertree tonic!
I'm more or less tee-total this weekend as Euan is on call (it is probably good for me but your post made me thirsty! - I read it last night but couldn't post my comment)
I hope that today is a better day.
Let me know if there is anything I can do,

Anonymous said...


I too got my washing out this weekend. How lovely not to have it all hanging about around the house.
All the windows are open, our kitten is running about and the children behind us are jumping up and down on a massive trampoline.
I really can't wait til the summer and warmer weather.
Scottish weather really is the best!I love getting to experience all the different seasons.

Gigibird said...

Washing on a line - forget women's lib - there's nothing more pleasing to my eye!

Saying that I'd be lost without my tumble (dryer) My husband is addicted to fluffy towels.....

weirdbunny said...

Hey look at that washing on the line !!

I was weeding the garden yesterday in a tee-shirt, fab weather.

deb said...

There seriously is nothing like air dryed clothing! Loving the thought of this right now!

Betty Jo said...

I grew up in Florida. My mother always hung our clothes out to dry. I will never forget the wonderful smell of the fresh clean sheets. I, on the otherhand, am an apartment dweller and am not allowed to hang clothes outside. We're moving to the country soon, although yet another apartment, I will be free to hang some clothes on wooden racks on my patio. I so long for that fresh as outdoors smell! The simple pleasures of life are wonderful, arent't they?

Nonnie said...

We've been on the G+T rather a bit recently too! Definitely helps! Hope you had a better weekend. Definitely know the feeling of having negative work days. They always pass and all this sunny weather we've been having is sure to inspire you again.

VintagePretty said...

I hope you have a better work-week this week. I am very much with you on the having to experience the lows to know the highs (it is what I personally counsel myself with when I'm feeling down).

I've had the washing out too (got some out there now!) I can't believe it. In February! But there you go.

I saw your ducky dinner, it looked gorgeous (am available as a lunching pal whenever you have another!!). Reading your passage about having animals to eat, I feel very similar, it is difficult to know how one would feel about having to kill an animal that you've raised. But as long as they're not treated like pets from the outset (and respected for their part in the household) I think it's a very beautiful thing. We would dearly love to escape to somewhere and have a smallholding. Why does land have to be so ridiculously expensive?!

Anyway, I've rambled! Have a good week :)

Primrose Hill said...

Right, here's the bit that either makes me sound like a gin connoisseur or an alchoholic!

I have 4 bottles of gin on the go at the moment! A bottle of Damson gin, very yummy, my faithful bottle of Bombay S (a must in the drinks cabinet), I'm also making my way through a bottle of Shetland gin made by blackwoods (no.2 actually), very tasty, but best of all, Gregg gave me a bottle of Hendricks for Christmas, you drink it with cucumber, just divine.
Jane - Martin Millers is fab too, have managed to scoff a bottle of that too with the fever tree tonic.
No wonder Gregg thinks I'm a gin soaked lush.......!!!!

Anonymous said...

Must be great to have the time to down some drinks or have four bottles of Gin on the go. My life is so hectic I only ever manage the odd glass of wine. Will defo have one tonight though to celebrate the birth of my friends baby this am!!
Off to circuit class now.