Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New stockist

Today sees another delivery flying off via Royal Mail to a wonderful little shop in Glasgow, in Princes Square, Fifi & Ally - don't you just love that name?! This is a new stockist for us which is always quite exciting. I haven't actually been to the shop yet but I have read lots about it, you can read a little bit here, another really fabby blog. I've also read that it was recently voted one of the top 100 shops in the world, "Fifi & Ally is Glasgow’s hippest lifestyle concept store specialising in quirky fashion and lifestyle ..." how cool! So, another addition to the "to visit" list, I really must get down to Glasgow, I'm in desperate need of a VV Roleaux fix and haven't been to visit my sisters new flat in Glasgow, tut-tut, what a bad sister I am.


Nonnie said...

How exciting to have a new stockist. I really hope you do well with them. I'm sure you will. I would love to have a trip to Glasgow one of these days. My Brother-in-law is from not far from there and I keep meaning to go with him and my Sister for a visit. It sounds like a great place.

muddy red shoes said...

Love your blog as well as your products so am linking you on mine xx

Jane said...

Fifi and Ally is my cake and coffee stop of choice when in Glasgow - it has some great things, of the slightly retro, Japanese kitsch inspired variety and stocks Karin Erikson's ceramics - though I don't think I have ever bought anything that you couldn't eat.

Their flower decorations are the nicest that I have ever seen in a Glasgow shop - not the unimaginative minimalist corporate rubbish that you usually get but great gothic towering arrangements with clip on birds and butterflies. It is a friend of the owners that does them.

Well done on getting a new stockist - they were top of my list when I had been thinking of wholesaling - I even got as far as addressing an envelope with a vintage homemaker lavender pillow inside before deciding I just wanted to retail.