Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vintage buttons and Country Living

I've just come in from walking Chrissie, windswept and rosie cheeked, it's wild and dreich out there. "Dreich", such a great Scottish word, don't you think? At last, my March Country Living has arrived, it's normally here long before it hits the shelf of our local newagents, was not impressed when I popped in yesterday to see it sitting there and I STILL didn't have mine, humf! Anyway, I'm so pleased, my friend Caroline who has the Twice shop, has a little feature in it this month, her sewing roll has been featured in Emporium. We met last year when we both had stalls at the Travelling Souk and at Perth Mart Christmas Fair. Her products are gorgeous, real vintage beauties made into a lovely selection of gifts and goodies for the home.

This lovely little lot arrived in the post this morning too.............

Just over 100 real mother of pearl vintage buttons, some of them are really gorgeous, I have a real thing for mother of pearl buttons and use them on so many of our products. I'm also waiting on another lot arriving, this time 600! Yes, 600! I'll maybe have to part with some of them and sell them in the shop............. hmmmm, we'll see!

We're also waiting on another arrival, but of a different sort, the geese are apparently due to start laying on Valentines Day, but so far no eggs from them. I went out and spoke to them today, I told them that if they didn't start laying soon they'd go in the pot, that normally works with them! Their eggs are fab, they are huge with really tough shells, great for baking with and Gregg loves them for breakfast, they make HUGE fried eggs! Fingers crossed they'll start laying soon.

Thank you all for telling me what you got up to on Valentines Day, it's nice to know there are still some romantics out there! The chocolate cake was yummy, I was worried it wouldn't be very nice as it was a bit hard when I put the chocolate ganache over it, but as Julia over at Chrystal Mountain said, 20 seconds in the microwave with lashings of cream and it was dish delish! Left overs for pud tonight, guess who's going to be a few pounds heavier by the end of this week!


Tracy said...

oh i hate it too when i see CL on the shelf before my doormat!!
And i LOVE that sewing roll - i am off to take a further look at all your friends lovely things.
And your buttons are gorgeous - i have a serious button addiction myself - i have been told that there is no cure!!!
P.s - your posts make me soooo desperate to move - we cannot wait to be in Scotland x

Jane said...

Lovely buttons Lisa - I inherited my Gran's Chinese tea tin of buttons and then added to it during my teens when I helped to sort out post jumble-sale clothes (the buttons & zips had to be taken off anything that was unwearable so that the fabric could be recycled).. it was a smelly job but I got to keep the buttons.
Then, just before Christmas I looked at my kilner jars of buttons and realised that they were all under the halfway mark.
Like you I am having to replenish!

I really like Twice's things - I remember making similar teacup candles as a child with the odd cups and saucers from my Mum's shop.


Nonnie said...

My CL was late this month too. Like you I saw it in the shops before it arrived. My Mum got hers on Monday which made me even more frustrating. I've been buying buttons too and if yours are from ebay then I think I nearly bid on them too. They're really lovely.

carolyn said...

I shall go and have a look at your friends shop, I love window shopping! Those buttons are wonderful, there really is something about buttons, I still have my Grandmother's button tin.
Your chocolate cake did look yummy, I have a heart shaped tin but didn't get around to making a cake this year. We had chocolate muffins from Tesco with Greene & Black Chocolate & Orange ice cream instead. Yum.
I'm useless at Valentine's, Stuart reckons I haven't got an ounce of romance in me! He is the one who cooked the dinner, set the table with candles and all that stuff I just scoffed the lot and fell asleep with a full belly.

Joy said...

Oh, what gorgeous buttons, especially those little star shaped ones. Just off to read my new Country Living mag, that dropped through my door today.

weirdbunny said...

I haven't bought my country living yet. I'm going to get it on monday which is half term for us. Hopefully it will give me some sanity whilst sitting through meals at McDonalds and the other half term things my kids will expect of me !

Twice said...

Hi Lisa - so important for our fledgling businesses to help each other - thank you for the mention in your blog! It's lovely that so many of your blog readers liked what they found at Twice too! x Caroline

Cherry Menlove said...

I love your buttons so much. I am a huge fan of MOP and to have a whole pile of buttons like that is such a treat.
Have I told you lately how lovely you are? No! Well you are.

Cherry xx

Betty Jo said...

Love the buttons. I'm so addicted to them! I just received two packages of buttons from eBay. One is way over a pound! Your friend's shop, Twice, is very nice.

Hanna said...

white buttons are the best!