Thursday, February 22, 2007

Busy, busy....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it's all a bit mad over here at PH HQ just now. Four weeks today will be the opening day of the Country Living Magazine Scotland Spring Fair , and I'm starting to get my knickers in a bit of a twist now. As usual, I leave everything to the last minute, I drew up a list last night of things still to do other than loads of sewing and creating, and it's huge! Never mind, we'll get there, Gregg is almost finished all the new bits and bobs for the shell of the stall so that's one less thing to worry about, where would I be without him, my "craft roadie" as he calls himself!!

While sewing away yesterday, I listened to podcasts from the Wiggly Wigglers site, they are fab! A real bunch of gigglers with lots of very interesting stuff to talk about, it really kept me going all day. I would highly recommend them if you're into gardening, issues about the countryside and the running of a rural business, highly entertaining!

I'm hoping to enlist the help of my little friend Catriona at the weekend, she is my top door stop filler and may hopefully progress to label attacher this weekend - are you around to help this weekend Catriona? - in return for lots of hot ribena and copious amounts of pancakes with nutella? :o)

Anyway, must get on, off to listen to the last couple of Wiggly Wiggler podcasts and crank up the sewing machine!

L x


Jane said...

I'm sure that you'll get there - your stall always looks lovely and calm. I am having to start again with my plans - aaarrrrrgggggh - but we'll both get there I'm sure.
I spent this morning on the phone trying to blag planters etc. to create the right look.
The new doorstop materials look great.

carolyn said...

Sounds like the heat is really on now.

Janie said...

hwselGood luck with all your preparations. I'll look forward to pictures of your stand and goods during/after the event.
I love the new door stops. I'm still in the process of dropping hints to my hubbie that one would look fabulous in our home.

Nonnie said...

Good luck with all the preparations. You'll get it all done in the end and it will all be worth it. I'm sure your stand will look lovely. I hope you will take pictures for those of us that won't be going.
Love the new door stops. I don't really have a door that needs stopping but I could be tempted with one just for show.

Twinkle Pink said...

Good luck with the Country Living Fair, I know how chaotic these things can be. Treat you resident roadie well, the way to his upmost help and love of all you do is through the stomach, good food and drink oops give him the drink after (wink)....

Best wishes Ginny

tash said...

My (industrious) fingers are crossed for you - how exciting though, I bet you'll have a ball! The things in your shop (site) are lovely - they'll go down a storm :)

Have a good weekend!

Caroline said...

Hi Lisa,
Im sure you will be great at the fair! You have some great stuff.
If you get a spare five minutes take a look at my blog, I have been saying to people who blog at the craft fairs, why dont we make a bloggers badge so we can recognise and chat to fellow bloggers, maybe pass on business cards. I have contacted Whip Up , so far they havnt issued an article on this :( but I have had some emails from people saying its a good idea (always re assuring!) The idea is a yellow disc with a green 'B' in the middle, there is a Flickr group where Im hoping people will post their modified badges - Mine are looking lonely and a bit Naff at the moment!
Any way, thanks for having a great blog I check it every day, If you want to spread the word about the Bloggers Badge that would be great as I am a newbie and dont get loads of traffic, Also I am hoping this wont be limited to just UK based fairs....
Thanks for reading this far!

Primrose Hill said...

Thank you all for your encouragement - do any of you fancy doing some sewing for me?!! I had my little helper down today and her mum, so at last there are finished boxes ready to "go to the fair" - it's such a nice feeling. But so much still to do.....never mind, 4 weeks tonight we'll be on our way home and it will all be over. I will spread the word about the blogger badges, will maybe do a post on that closer to the date of the fair up here in Scotland.

weirdbunny said...

Plump Pudding said on her blog that she's doing the Country Living Spring Fair. How weird to meet up with other bloggers there !

Heather Gorringe said...

Thank you so much for the recommendation for our podcast. To keep your mood hearty and happy - it may be best to avoid Podcast number 68... We got very fretty about cats!
Have fun at The Country Living Fair
Heather from Wiggly Wigglers