Monday, June 11, 2007

Lots of news

Gosh, it's Monday already where does time go?!! Thank you to everyone for their well wishes, I'm feeling a million times better, just need to get rid of the horrible cough now!
Lots to tell today, firstly, a post that has been long overdue! The lovely Marie, over at Marie Chantal sent me a parcel a little while back with lots of her beautiful rose skin care products which are scrumptiously packaged. I at last managed to get my return parcel in the post just before I was hit with the lurgy! Marie received her parcel last week and has very kindly posted about it at the weekend, thanks Marie. Having used Marie's products over the last wee while, they are gorgeous! They smell divine and the rose cream is silky smooth and lovely to use. I've also got the Skin Freshener and the Cleanser, which again are both delicious to use. Here's a picture of some of her products ( Marie, I've pinched the picture from your blog as it looks really good, hope you don't mind!)
Marie has just opened up her fabby on-line shop, so head on over there and get buying girls as, luckily for us, she ships overseas!
Another lovely lady who has inspired me lately is Cherry over at Tales from Pixie Wood. I was catching up with her blog, reading about her trip to Florence last week. This time last year we were in Florence, I looked back at some of our photos from the trip and thought about how happy we both looked, it was such a fab holiday. So, feeling a bit "down in the dumps" last week I promptly went about booking us a holiday. Now, in the Hector house this is generally Mr. H's job, and a grand job he always does! But, I needed something to pick up my spirits and get me back into the swing of things, so holiday hunting I did.
Not one to go down the "let's go to the travel agents and let them do it all" route, not that there's anything wrong with that, and to be honest there's probably not a travel agent that could organise this type of holiday, I got surfing on t'internet!!!!! So, where are we off to I hear you all mutter..............
Here's a clue.......................

stunning beaches.....................

rugged landscapes.................................

Have you guessed yet?

We're off to the Outer Hebrides to do a bit of an Island Hopscotch, and how are we doing it? Well, we're camping, yes, camping!!!!! And the bit I'm looking forward to is this.........

.........sitting on the beach watching the sunset, with a large G&T and then sleeping under the stars!

Most folk that we've told think we're nuts, but hey ho, we were both in the Guides and the Scouts so we at least know how to put up a tent!!! Lets just hope it doesn't blow away in the wind like the last time!!! ( We have bought a new, slightly smaller and cosier tent for this trip!)

So the plan is, we sail over from Uig on Skye to Tarbert on Harris, spend a couple of days discovering Lewis and Harris and then sail over to North Uist, to do a whistlewind tour of the Uists and Benbecula. We are booked into two B&B's, the first night and the middle night, just in case the weather really is awful!! And if it's just not good enough weather for camping we can hopefully stay in some of these cute little places that are dotted around the islands........

We have both always wanted to visit Lewis and Harris, the thought of being able to camp on those amazing beaches just fills me with excitement. The opportunities to spot some of the wildlife that surrounds the islands is another huge spine tingler for me, imagine being sat quietly on the beach and then suddenly seing an otter in the wild? You can't get much better than that can you...? The camera will be at the ready........!!

On the nature front, I witnessed an amazing scene in the garden this morning. I was busy sewing away in my workroom, looking out over the garden, when I saw the familiar flash of the woodpecker fleeting over to the peanut feeder. A couple of seconds later another woodpecker joiner her, a fledgling woodpecker! She pecked away at the nuts and then fed them to her baby, it was like a scene from Springwatch but in our own garden! I shall try and get some photos but I can't promise anything...............

See you all soon,

L x

P.S. the photos are thanks to the visit hebrides site.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

How fabulous! I went to a slideshow recently of a woman who traveled there and I must say the scenery was stunning! How exciting for you, and that you are taking the camping route, too!

rach said...

You will have an amazing time. I worked on a restoration project on a beautiful old house on Unst - the first big house you see as you come in on the ferry. It is wild, fantastic scenery. Lucky you!!!!

Ragged Roses said...

I've already looked longingly at Marie's products, they look and sound wonderful. Dropped lots of hints around the house too! Fantastic holiday idea, you'll have a wonderful time.
Kim x
Saw your goodies on Marie's blog, they look gorgeous.

Victoria May Plum said...

You lucky thing.
I love camping, and I've always wanted to stay on a wee Scottish island somewhere, with just the sheep, seabirds and a tot of gin to keep me company, and a big snuggly blanket of course, and possibly a fire!
You have inspired me now to book up a camping trip (isles of Scilly??),
so thankyou.
I'm also going to check out Marie's lovely products they sound gorgeous!
Victoria x

Anonymous said...

Well, you have been busy over the last few days. Your holiday sounds lovely. When are you off? Hopefully your weather will be as good as it is today. That would make camping a little more comfortable!!
I can't wait for our honeymoon, we both really need a holiday. It has been several years since our last big trip what with getting engaged, buying our house and paying for a wedding.
Anyway must shoot.

Hope to read another post soon.


Katherine said...

Hope you have a wonderful time, we just got back from a few days in Skye and had glorious weather, Jon has got quite a tan!

Haven't yet ventured to the Western Isles but hope to some day soon.

Primrose Hill said...

Hey all!

Can you tell I'm really excited about the holiday? Fingers crossed the weather is good, we're not going until later in July.

The whole camping under the stars with a fire going, a blanket wrapped around you, marshmallows toasting and a little sing song really makes me want to go NOW though!!

We're spending our last night on Skye, I've booked us into the 3 Chimneys restaurant as an end of holiday treat!

Maries products are fab, well worth a look, although her website seems to be down at the moment?

Honeymoons are magical holidays, we went to Bali and Honk Kong on ours.

Where are you off to on yours Poppy? I would guess maybe Thailand, Phuket possibly? or maybe Honk Kong too???

That was the biggest holiday we've ever been on, but as we'd done so much of the wedding ourselves we didn't mind splashing out on our honeymoon.

L x

carolyn said...

Well I have to say that I would be happier in the b&b than the tent, no matter how cosy, but the destination is wonderful. Will be looking forward to the holiday snaps.

nikkipolani said...

What tempting photos! *off now to see Marie's site*

Alison said...

I went to the Scottish islands camping about ten years ago. They are stunning you will have a great time.
Marie's products look lovely I must get some one of these days.
Woodpeckers as have had a good week...I'm off to watch Springwatch:-)
Alison x

Anonymous said...

We are actually going to Hong Kong, but only for a few days then we are off for the rest of our five week holiday. We are taking some unpaid holidays from work and making this a holiday of a lifetime.
First Hong Kong, then out to Christ Church, touring for a little while in New Zealand in a camper van, then popping to Sydney. And then lastly San Franciso before coming home, we can't wait!!!
Sleeping under the stars does sound nice, although I think I may be more of a hotel type person. Can't wait to see your pictures though.


Primrose Hill said...

Poppy, your honeymoon sounds fab, you'll love HK, it's a wonderful place, I'd love to return there one day.

You should try and eat in the Peak cafe.

L x

Marie said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for such a great review of my products! I am so glad that you like them and are enjoying using them. No, I don't mind you using my photo!

I don't know what the problem is with my website - I wasn't aware of it until I tried to follow the link from your post. How disappointing that it has gone down just when everyone will be trying to follow the link!!

The Outer Hebrides sound wonderful - I have never ventured that far, although I did take that stunning train journey from Fort William to Mallaig a few years ago - just beautiful. How romantic to be able to camp on the beach and sit and watch the waves.

Marie x

Suzie Sews said...

Suzie Sews
PS Thank you for the very special comment you left on my blog

Marie said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm back again! I hope that you don't mind, but I wanted to let your readers know that the problem with my website is now resolved.

Thanks! Marie x

Rowan said...

Glad you are feeling better. The Outer Hebrides look stunningly beautiful, if you get good weather I should think there's no better place in the world for a holiday.

Joanna said...

I would love to camp on those beaches, we camped last year on the shores of a few loches. It was lovely. The best was on my birthday the only midge free night and we lay there watching the sun go down sipping wine and then fell fast alseep just as the sun disapeared.