Tuesday, October 07, 2008

After the event

Phew, my feet have at last hit the ground today, a full day of uninterupted sewing, probably the first in almost 2 weeks! The Perthshire Open Studios was a huge success, I was amazed at how many visitors we had over the 9 day event, I think from my notes between about 70 and 80 people came along. It was lovely to chat to everyone, I met some really inspirational and interesting folk, and there was an awful lot of studio love going on, I only wish Gregg had been around more to hear everyones comments.

It was really interesting how many people who visited had seen our little article in Homes & Interiors Scotland, so it just goes to show that P.R. does work!

The venue up the road from us at Bamff House was fabulous too, I met a couple of the artists who were exhibiting there, Penelope Anstice and Lulu Washington. Lulu is a total inspiration, her paintings of chickens and ducks were understandably snapped up quickly on the preview evening. She came down to visit us and fell in love with Florence and Felicity our geese, so hopefully they may feature in some of her work soon!

I met this lovely lady too, she came to visit on Sunday and we had a great old chat, Lucy organises the North Fife Open Studio event so it was interesting to hear how they were doing now in their fourth year.

I was also thoroughly delighted when the author of this book compared our setting to that of Enid Blytons, apparently she used to cross the bridge over the burn and into the woods, just like ours outside the studio...... Duncan and his partner Kate came to visit during the POS week and were quite taken with our little bit of heaven here.

Right, I'm off to have some supper and then back out to the workroom, 20 Christmas hearts are a calling.

L xx


tea and cake said...

Magical post, Lisa! And, well done for surviving the POS week. love, Karen xx

Cathy said...

I love visiting open studios and I wish I lived near enough to come to yours. It sounds like a lovely event, and I'm intrigued by the Enid Blyton book - one to add to the list!
Cathy XX

Vanessa said...

Hi Lisa,

I really pleased that the Open Studio was a success, how clever were you to have counted folk as they walked through your studio, I would have thought about doing that half way through the event!

Let hope the Geese don't get too big for there boots if they feature in a picture.

I bet your going to be nice and busy getting things ready for The CL fair, oh what a busy girl you are!

Vanessa x

Primrose Hill said...

Hi everyone!

Yep, the POS event was fab, 9 days on the trot was a bit mad though, I should have done as some of the artists did and take a day off in the week so that I could go and see some of the other artists! Never mind, i'll do that next year!

Just back in form another session in front of the sewing machine, Mr. H came and dragged me in, he said I'm not allowed to work after 10pm, I did protest and say "just another half and hour" but he was very insistant!

If I keep going and this rate I might have half the stock I need!

L xx

Pipany said...

Yes, let's not discuss the building of stock please Lisa (no panic here!!!!!!!!)

Lovely post and glad the open day was such a success xx