Saturday, October 11, 2008

Evening walks

Gregg has been off this week, change is in the air and it's all good. I've appreciated him doing the morning routine of dog walking and seeing to the chooks so that I can get on. He's also turned into a bit of a cook this week, right now he's rusting up a little chick pea and chorizo stew, just perfect for a chilly night.

I've enjoyed going out for the evening walk with him and the pooches, a well deserved break from the sewing machine. I've even managed to remember to take the camera with me a few times ;) The trees are just starting to turn, autumnal hues starting to run through the woodlands, just gorgeous from up above. The sun is so much lower in the sky too, catching the grasses with the last golden glow before dissappearing below the horizon.

Little Miss Moss is getting bigger by the day, four and a half months old tomorrow. She loves her walks but is a real fireside dog. Not the easiest to take photos of as she never stops flipping moving!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

L x


tea and cake said...

You remind me of a swan - your post is the epitome of peace and calm, when I just Know that you are SO Busy! Hope you had a lovely weekend. K xx

Primrose Hill said...

Hello you!

You know me too well! Just finished a rather large plate of beef olives and cheesy mash, total cosy autumnal comfort food!
G is ironing shirts, back to work tomorrow with a spring in his step and a new challenge ahead. ;)
Hope you've had a good weekend too.

L x