Saturday, November 11, 2006

Country Living Magazine

Today is a very exciting day! The postman delivered my monthly edition of Country Living
Magazine, but not just any edition, the December Christmas issue, I love it - this magazine is my bible! You're probably all thinking, yeah, it's nice but it's only a magazine......... Well, the reason for it being soooo extremely special is that we, Primrose Hill Interiors, are featured in the Christmas Emporium, our little felt covered notebooks are on the first page. I really do think I am going to burst with joy!
I was very lucky to meet Kitty Corrigan, the Deputy Editor of CL magazine, when we exhibited at the CL Spring Fair in Scotland.
Kitty very kindly bought a couple of the notebooks at the fair, so they obviously went down rather well in the office!
Sooo, I am now off to spend the entire weekend making copious amounts of stock! We are also hoping to have the website updated with some lovely little Christmas bits and bobs by the beginning of the week, ooh I am going to be busy - there just aren't enough hours in the day at the moment!
I have had a quick flick through the mag and it looks absolutely divine, lots of gorgeous ideas for the coming festive season, ooh I can't wait!
Enjoy the weekend whatever you may be up to, I don't think I'll be posting again for another couple of days!!

P.S. Please do go out and buy yourself a copy of the Country Living December issue - it's well worth it, although I would imagine a lot of you are subscribers anyway!!!

L x


Jane said...

Lisa, I am SO pleased for you! No doubt you will get masses of orders as the notebooks make great Christmas presents.
Have you decided whether you are going to do the CL Fair yet?
I realised this week that I should be thinking about what I want to do there - e.g. launch website.
Get sewing girl!

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,
Thank you! I'm really delighted it's all come together at last! Was thinking about CL fair this morning funnily enough, I'm thinking towards yes, even if we do go to NZ - got to keep the momentum going!

Jackie said...

Congratulations! What an honor! I'll have to look for the UK Country Living over here in the US - I can ususally find it, so I look forward to looking at your lovely things!

Cherry Menlove said...

Well done to you and many congratulations. I was at the CL fair this morning in London and enjoyed it immensely.
I'm planning on having a stand there next year. It is a wonderful place with a great atmosphere.
I have a copy of CL in my bag. I shall rifle through it now to find your notebook.

Primrose Hill said...

I am sooo envious of you getting to go to the big CL show in London, I would love to go but am always just too busy to make it! You're right, the show does have a lovely atmosphere, I really enjoyed doing it this year, it's a great opportunity. Hope your going to do a post on your day out!
L x

Primrose Hill said...

Hope you manage to get a copy over with you, it's full of inspiration! Another one to add to the collection!!!!

Anonymous said...

Comendations and admiration for you being in Country Living. One day, just one day I hope to be as lucky as you. Your products are beautiful .Keep it up! Good luck with making all those notebooks.

nonnie said...

Hi Lisa
Congratulations. I was so excited and pleased for you when my issue popped through the letter box on Saturday morning and I saw your notebooks when I opened it up. I meant to email you to say well done. You must be so so pleased. It is definitely my bible as well. The Christmas issue is really lovely. Despite working like crazy this weekend, I allowed myself a break to have a good read, especially since I'd decided not to go to the Christmas Fair.
I hope you get lots of orders from it. I'm sure you will, they look really lovely.

carolyn said...

Wow, well done, best you get sewing as I'm sure your going to get a mass of orders for these.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful is that? I think it is such an honor.

I just discovered your blog and must say that I am in love! I will be back to visit often.

Shabby in the City said...

I am about to drive 6 miles into town and try to find the UK Country Living...

Laura said...

Lisa, I am thrilled for you, I am sure that it will be the first of many of your wonderful creations to be featured