Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A long week..........

It has been a week since I last posted, and what a week it has been. The dreaded lurgy set in and I ended up in bed ill during what was probably one of the busiest weeks of the year, great! But, we survived, my mum and youngest sister came to the rescue on Friday night so it all came together in the end. On Saturday we did the Meigle Christmas Fair, a lovely little village not far from us. Last year was our first Christmas living in Perthshire so I was very much a new face on the block. It was so nice to be asked again this year, to know a few faces and to have so many returning customers - even when you don't have as much work made as you should do! As usual I forgot to take the camera so no photos I'm afraid! Saturday evening was spent baking and setting the dining room up as a "shop" for the day as Sunday was our "Open Day"! Sunday morning was the usual rush getting last minute bits and bobs sorted, while I was out in the greenhouse making up a fresh wreath for on the door I was thinking "why are we doing this, nobody is going to turn up!" - well I couldn't have been more wrong! From the first customer who arrive at 11am, the house never stopped until 5.30pm! Copious amounts of mulled wine was drunk and many a mince pie devoured! It was such a fab day and I'm so glad we made the efforts that we did as I truly think they were really appreciated. Above is a photo of the kitchen textiles we are selling this year, gorgeous peg bags, oven gloves, T-towels and aprons, unfortunately not made by myself, but lovely all the same! They are hanging up in our lovely newly painted kitchen - more to follow on that in another post!

So this week is another mad week of sewing as I have got almost no stock left! We have the Ashfield Village Christmas Fair on Sunday - a lovely little conservation village just outside Dunblane, the ethos of the fair is that everything is handmade in Scotland so that should be really nice. Then it's a two day Charity Christmas Fair in Perth on Monday and Tuesday which I'm really looking forward to as I've never done it before. I promise I will take more photos!!

Over at Pixie Wood , Cherry was attending a fair at Losely House in Surrey so I can't wait to hear about how she got on, I'm sure she did fantastically.

Anyway, I'm off to let the chickens out and walk the dog before I get stuck into the sewing!


Jane said...

Lisa, Isn't it amazing how much you can get done when there is a mad deadline?
See you on Sunday

Nonnie said...

So glad you had a successful weekend. Would love to have come to your open house. It sounds lovely but just a little too far to travel from London! Hope you're feeling a lot better now too. Good luck with all the sewing this week and the next fairs.

carolyn said...

Hope your feeling better, sounds like your "Open House" was a huge success, what a great idea. Good luck with the up and coming fairs.

Jackie said...

Glad your open house was such a success! Hope you're all well now and can enjoy the upcoming fairs - happy sewing!

Anonymous said...

Hi G&L,

Finally worked out how to turn the computer on and work that world wide web thing!

Like the blog! Sounds like you're gearing up for Christmas....

Julie, Graeme & Innes

Anonymous said...

Hi G&L

Finally worked out how to work this computer/blog-type thing - it's only taken all night!

Site looks good! Think you'll have a busy Christmas!

Julie, Graeme & Innes

Anonymous said...

I'll maye leave another comment just to show how useless I am!

Cherry Menlove said...

Your kitchen items look stunning. And the open house idea is wonderful. I would have climbed across the Trossachs to have been there had it been possible. Your warmth shines through your blog Lisa, thank you.

Cherry x