Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Handmade Woodland Pot Pourri

Just a quick post today as loads to do before the fair in Bridge of Allan tomorrow. I sat and made lots of bags of woodland pot pourri last night, it's always very popular at this time of year and makes a lovely gift. Sorry the photo isn't the greatest, it was taken very quickly this morning! It's a gorgeous sunny day today but very cold, just the kind of day I love at this time of year. There's nothing beats going for a walk in the woods, rustling through all the leaves and gathering mossy twigs. When Gregg took Chrissie for a walk this morning he saw a red squirrel up close, it stopped to have a good look at him while running up a tree, he said it was lovely and fluffy with little tufty ears, so much prettier than the grey squirrels. Amazingly, since we've moved here, I have yet to see a grey squirrel, it has always been reds that I've spotted, which really is quite special, we're very lucky to have so much wildlife right on our doorstep. Anyway, off to get another carrot cake in the oven for tomorrow! The fair is at 33 Kenilworth Rd, Bridge of Allan, 10.30am - 4pm, all welcome.


Jane said...

Good luck with the fair - people seem to be really getting into the Christmas mood with the frost - it seemed wierd last week to be packing up cinnamon with a garden full of dahlias.
I once went to a red squirrel sanctuary in Cumria and saw 1 lonely red squirrel. I obviously needed to go to Alyth.

carolyn said...

I agree there is nothing like a walk in the woods, and what good use your making of your finds. Good luck at the fair.

Primrose Hill said...

It was very wintery feeling this morning, ice on the puddles and very frosty when I took Chrissie out just after 7am this morning, but an absolutely glorious day! Hope it lasts for the weekend as more gathering of woodland bits and bobs is required!