Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A cold Halloween

Well, I've decided to leave my broomstick at the back door tonight, it's just way too cold and windy to be out flying around on a night like this! As my nana would say "that wind would take the nose off you"!! Seriously though, it is sooooo cold outside, and because it's so blinking windy I don't think we're going to be able to light the fire :o( Last week I lit it when it was windy and the whole house filled up with smoke, we really must get an anti down draft thingy fitted to the chimney pot! There's a story to that actually, when we first got the chimney opened up and swept last year the chimney sweep told me we would need what I thought he said to be an "anti-dandruff" thingy, I thought he meant that the soot would start falling in or something, what a wally! Yet another blond moment to add to the collection! Anyway, seeing as it's Halloween and all that, we thought we'd put a little pumpkin in the window to scare off all the ghosts and ghouls, not sure if we'll get any trick or treaters this evening or not - we'll see!


Mum and Zoe said...

Hi Lisa, Mum and I came across the link to your website!Happy Halloween!! It looks like everything is going well, good luck with the stove! Its soooo cold down here at the moment, can't imagine what its like with you!! Thermal weather I suppose! Did you have any trick or treaters? We did but Skye sure scared them of!:D Speak to you soon, take care love Mum and Zoe xxxxx:D

Primrose Hill said...

Hi, Glad you found the blog at last, you'll be able to see all that's going on up here now! It's soooo cold, not got the thermals on yet, but had a big woolly jumper on all week! Happy Halloween too, we didn't have any trick or treaters funily enough, think it's maybe a bit too dark out here for them!!! Have been busy making pot pourri tonight so I stink of oranges and cloves!
Speak to you soon,

Love, L x