Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fixing the bridge

Today we decided to "fix" the bridge that goes over the Bruckly Burn, the wee burn that runs down to the Alyth burn (the big burn!) and goes over to the chicken run. When we had all the heavy rain this week the burn was flowing right over the top of the bridge - not good when you've got holes in your wellies! The bridge has gradually
sunk over the last wee while so something had to be done as it just acts as a dam when the burn is in full spate. The banks were also needing built up with stones as they were eventually
washing away with all the rain. So we decided to put some large stones under the two logs that
support the slats to try and lift it above the water level. We also cleared lots of gravel and silt from under the bridge to let the burn flow easier underneath. Some of the larger stones came from in front of the cottage that were acting as a border with the farm road, so a bit of muscle was needed with the wheelbarrow to move them! So you can now see from the photos that the bridge is a bit more level and higher than before and will hopefully survive the winter!

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