Sunday, October 29, 2006

Up on the roof

Today Gregg went up on the roof to check the
other chimney as we're putting in a stove in the
dining room soon - heat at last! After last winter,
our first in the cottage, we promised ourselves
we'd have a stove put in before this winter -
we'll be cutting it fine but will hopefully have it
done in the next few weeks. Gregg was checking the chimney pot and surrounding brickwork and
spraying it with weed killer as there was some willow herb growing out of it over the summer!
We've got a lot of work to do inside too - but that will follow in another post! I did ask Gregg where the life insurance policy document was before he went up on the roof.......very cruel!
Also today I've been playing about with the blog, changing the colour scheme and adding a link to
our web site and other sites that I love. I've come across some really interesting blogs over
the past wee while, it has really become quite
addictive, but nice to know there are other people out there who are also pationate about living "the country life" and all the bits that go with it! I really hope Gregg has the sense to have a look at some of the sites for Christmas pressie ideas, his life (and mine!) would be so much easier and I'll have lots of lovely pressies under the tree!
I also really enjoyed this weekend as the weather
was pretty reasonable and we got out for a few nice walks with Chrissie. I enjoyed it even more than usual as I'd treated myself to some new Hunter wellies as I'd worn a hole through the sole of my old ones, which resulted in some rather soggy socks over the last week or so, so I definitely think I was justified in buying them!
Todays pictures are of Gregg up on the roof and a view of the garden from up there looking down onto the veggie garden - as you can see all of the raised bed are now full of top soil so I can start to plan what I'm going to grow next year - how exciting!


Jane said...

Glad to see hard work being done - you were quite right to get the new wellies - warm feet are an essential not a luxury.
I got my (leather lined!)wellies from Euan for Christmas - & have worn them every day since.
I'm sure that if you ran one of those magazine analysis on cost per wear they are a great bargain by now.

Primrose Hill said...

I know I'd love a pair of the leather boots, I've looked at them so many times at all the agricultural shows, maybe one day, the green Hunters will have to do for now! Although I dare say I could slip a pair on the Christmas wish list!!