Thursday, October 12, 2006

Has the earth moved for me...................!!

Well, after all that rain yesterday we really MUST get all of our topsoil moved this weekend.
Both the burns are really high, and I think the
mink trap may have been washed down the burn, oops, we'll need to go wading tomorrow to see if we can find it!
The soil is to go in the raised beds Gregg built for me over the summer, we have 10 in total, mostly for veggies but I'd like to grow some flowers for cutting too as it's lovely having them all over the house. So far we've managed to fill 2 of the boxes, it's really hard work and takes a lot longer
than you think to fill one box. I have a feeling
Gregg may be at it all weekend!! We've also got a large pile of well rotted manure from when the last owners of the cottage had their 2 miniature ponies in the "paddock" - so that's to be added to the boxes too.
The weather is good for tomorrow but the rest of the weekend is doubtful so we'll see. We're hoping to get the woodburning stove in the dining room soon as I'm not spending another winter in the "ice box" - I got chillblanes on my feet for the first time ever last winter! So we've got a fair bit of work to do on that as there is the original stove behind the wall and god knows what else we'll find! Ooh the joys of renovating an old cottage!

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