Monday, October 02, 2006

Grotty day

It's a really grotty day today, it was horrible and misty when I walked Chissie this morning and it has now been raining for about 2 hours, I hate days like today. Gregg has also gone back to work after a week off, shouldn't really admit it but I do actually miss him!! I'm busy getting lots of orders done as well as trying to get stock made for myself as my first couple of christmas fairs start two weeks today. They are at Thriepley House, near Newtyle on Monday 16th Oct and at Kilbryde Castle, outside Dunblane on Tuesday 17th Oct. I have got soo much sewing to do to get enough stock together for these fairs! I have ordered some lovely bits and bobs to complement our range so hopefully they will have arrived by then or I'll be selling empty brown paper bags!!! Here's a nice cheery picture of our dahlias outside the greenhouse, one of the last flowers left in the garden from the summer. I bought them at Snapdragons Garden Flowers, my friend Janes organic flower business which she also runs from home, she has a super blog at .


Jane said...

Thanks for the plug Lisa! Your dahlia look lovely - I hope that you are managing to get some time to admire them. I see you are all poised for the frost with your greenhouse heater ready to go.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane, I'll no doubt get caught out with the frost, think we're due some this week? Have got some sweet william happily growing away in the greenhouse along with loads of green tomatoes and chillies! Could do with a day in the greenhouse planting some of the seeds I bought for this year, but that's all a bit organised for me!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa,
I was looking up my name on google and came across your website. I don´t really understand my name is Lisa Kilbryde and you seemingly live near a castle called Kilbryde!! Well anyway, I enjoyed reading your news. I myself was born in Edinburgh, Scotland but bee living in Holland for over 33 years, so you must excuse my bad spelling!! It was nice to see my name next to a castle!! Most Kilbryde´s are spelt with the end. Hope you get all your Christmas work done on time!!
Kind regards, from Holland
Lisa Kilbryde