Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's in a name?

Now that the Christmas Fairs have started again I am meeting lots of existing and new customers on a weekly basis, this is the part that I really enjoy as it gives me a chance to catch up with people and find out which products are selling well etc. A question I am frequently asked is whether we are a London based company because of our name - Primrose Hill Interiors - Primrose Hill being a rather posh part of London. It always give me great pleasure in explaining the story behind the name. Primrose Hill is the name of the house (pictured) which my mothers family were brought up in. My grandparents moved down to Lanrick Estate when my mother and her brothers and sisters were all very young so we were all brought up there. I have so many fond memories of living on the estate, I spent the majority of my childhood there and always returned as a teenager on a weekly basis. I often spent the weekend with my nana and papa sewing, gardening, cooking and generally exploring the estate. It has had a great influence on my life and I constantly find myself doing things now that I remember my nana doing when I was young - it's funny how life can go full circle - don't you think? Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I just thought I'd explain that we're not from London - although the connection with the name does help! Here's a link to the estate website incase you want to have a bit more of a look at the magical place where I grew up..........


carolyn said...

Magical indeed, lucky you Lisa, so much nicer than London.

Jane said...

I had originally thought you might be called Primrose or at least Lisa Hill!
The doctor's daughter where I grew up was called Candy Barr.
At least the name has lots of nice connotations - Euan thinks that we should adapt OUR business name to Soupdragon in the winter and sell hot soup at the farmers markets and then in the spring change again to Snipgonads and become a mobile vasectomy service.

Primrose Hill said...

Ooh Jane you do make me chuckle!! The mobile vasectomy unit would be handy up here, some of the men get a bit randy, must be all those sheep in the fields!!!!!!

L x

Cherry Menlove said...

Hee hee!
It's been fun reading the little convo going on between P. Hill and Snapdragon!
Lovely, lovely place to grow up in Lisa.

Cherry x

Jackie said...

What a wonderful childhood you must have had! What many of us dreamed of - I always thought it would have been nice to grow up in England since so many of the books I read were set there! Lovely! Enjoy the fairs - Cherry is taking some of my things for me - all the way from California to the UK!