Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fabby weekend

Friday morning arrived, and for once we were organised and away almost on time on our treck up north to Thurso. We stopped at a lovely little place on the way up called The Storehouse of Foulis for a bit of lunch and a look around the farm shop, I would definitely recommend stopping there if you're in the area. We also stopped off at ANTA in Tain, a Scottish company that have their own range of fabrics, pottery, furniture, handbags and scarfs. The Showroom is lovely inside but a bit dissapointingly messy outside! I did however get a few bargains as they have their sale on at the moment. I got a lovely little jug to add to the collection, a christening gift for friends and some gorgeous fabric to make a curtain to go over the dining room door. Here is a picture of it with some lovely horn buttons I've got that I might use to trim it, we'll see!

We spent a fab weekend with Graeme, Julie and little Innes (commonly known as Inky Monster!). We went along to John O'Groats on Saturday and walked out to Duncansby Stacks, and also along the "shell beach", so much beach combing was done, with Julie and I oohing and aahing over our finds!

After a night out in Thurso on Saturday we decided the best way to cure our hangovers was to got to the Surf Shack for breakfast and what a breakfast it was too! The boys were supposed to be going surfing but decided that they just weren't quite up for it, so instead we went for a lovely walk along Melvich beach in the afternoon. Gregg and I whipped up a curry for tea for Jules seeing as it was her Birthday and she more than deserved the night off!

We headed off on Monday morning, almost sneaking little Inky in the car, as I'd fallen completely in love with the little boy who spent the morning running around with my pink bra on his head! (sorry don't have a photo!) We stopped off at Dornoch to stretch our legs and walk Chrissie along the beach, another opportunity for beach combing and much photo taking.

I also wanted to stop in at The Village Green, a delicious little shop at Cawdor Estate, that opened just before Christmas. They are a stockist of our products so I'm always keen to meet the owner and have a wee nosy at the shop. As I expected it was gorgeous and full of all the quirky little goodies for the home that I just love. The shop was actually closed, but Jenifer very kindly came along and opened up especially, so if you read the blog Jenifer, thank you!

Unfortunately Johnstons of Elgin was closed for stocktaking so we didn't get to have a look round, probably just aswell as I'd have spent a fortune! Never mind we'll just have to go again. We eventually made it over to Gregg's mum and Douglas' in Monymusk just in time for dinner and we very gladly stayed the night as we really didn't fancy going back out into the dark to have to drive home. Instead we came home this morning to a house still full of Christmas decorations and in need of a bit of a spring clean. Between us we got it done in a few hours, and have hopefully managed to hoover up most of the pine needles! Both the fires were lit so we were nice a cosy by the end of the afternoon.

So, it's back to it now, orders to be done and the Country Living Fair to start planning for and getting stock made. I've got so many new ideas buzzing around in my head and also Valentines to think of, so it's going to be a busy old week. Here's one more photo of me enjoying the sunshine on Dornoch beach.

I've got a few other lovely photos but I'll share them with you later in the week, it's time to go to bed now. Graeme & Julie, thank you so much for a super weekend, we just wish the distance between us wasn't quite so much, but it just makes these weekends even more special when they do eventually happen! I'm missing the bletherings of the little Inky Monster sooo much you wouldn't believe it!

L x


Cherry Menlove said...

Ah Lisa, that's what you look like. So beautiful.

How I long to be on a beach in Winter. They are really magical places, especially in Scotland.

Cherry x

Primrose Hill said...

Ooh, thank you Cherry, not the best photo in the world as I'm totally squinting at the sun. But nothing beats having the winter sun warming your skin, especially on the beach, it really was magical.

Nonnie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. The photos are all really lovely. I love the fabric you bought too. I think that company used to have a shop just off Sloane Square which is really near where I work. Must check out if they're still there.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Fiona, yep I think they are still there, the London store should be amazing if the highland one is anything to go by. I love their lamps and footstools.

carolyn said...

Oh Lisa I'm in love with that beach, so like our own lovely sandy Norfolk beaches but empty. What heaven!
Your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful and the picture you conjure of the Inky Monster is just delightful.

Jane said...

Hi Lisa - the Anta material looks beautiful - One of my customers is married to a printer who does some work for Anta and swapped some work for goods - their hall is now a beautiful mix of tweedy tartan carpets and big checky bowls.
Glad you had a great weekend,

weirdbunny said...

Lovely to see what you look like. You look so happy too. It's wonderful to put a face to a blog.

Joanna said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. The fabric is lovely and I love big sandy beaches