Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

At last, it has arrived! We had a smattering yesterday morning along with a lovely sunny day, but since we got up this morning the snow hasn't stopped, there's a good couple of inches lying now. The chickens are not too pleased and are grumbling away in their house, but the geese and ducks don't seem too bothered. Chrissie is in her element bouncing about in the snow, she looks so cute with her little snow covered face. The cats have the right idea, they are curled up in little balls sound asleep!
The only hope now is that it is a tad colder up at Glenshee, ideally it needs to freeze to make a good hard base and then more snow on top so that we can get a bit of ski-ing and snowboarding done this winter! So fingers crossed!

I just love it when the spindly bare branches of the trees are covered in snow, it's just balancing there so delicately. There is a special kind of silence when there is snow, it really is magical. Can you tell I LOVE snow!

I definitely think a bit of sledging will be required this afternoon, it is just the best fun ever. When my mum and my youngest sister visited over Christmas last year we spent a day out in the field sledging, we even managed to get my mum on the sledge, she screamed all the way down the hill!

The stove is lit and all the wet outdoor clothes are drying off in front of it, I always think that the cottage has the feel of a ski chalet at this time of year, there's always wet outdoor gear drying off in front of the fire!

Right, I'm off to get on, a big pot of soup to be made and then on with the sewing, lavender hearts today I think!

L x


carolyn said...

Those photographs look magical, no wonder you love snow so much when it looks so glorious. Being a towny we see far too much slush.

Nonnie said...

Oh it looks so pretty Lisa. I love snow too so long as I'm not in the city and don't have to go very far. We used to get a lot when I was growing up in Yorkshire but I don't see it at all anymore now I'm down in London. The weather down here today is very windy and damp and to be honest, far too mild for the time of year. I would love it to be a bit more seasonal. Enjoy the sledging, soup and sewing. x

Jane said...

Our snow is too slushy for sledging unfortunately - large wet flakes, not small powder - and to be honest it is melting already - I have just come in from a long walk with Jasmine - she needs to walk in the slushy tractor tracks or she turns into a snowball.
Your geese look lovely - our ducks look perfectly squalid against the pristine white snow.

Tracy said...

I am so jealous!!!
Here in Kent we have wind and rain - i cannot wait to move to Scotland and enjoy a real Winter again.
Your home sounds wonderful - a warm stove and soup - perfect x

Angel Jem said...

Lucky You! We've had bad winds howling around the buildings,a nd several trees down in the neighbourhood. I'd rather have a decent film & some sewing anyday! Enjoy it while it lasts.

VintagePretty said...

Thanks for your comment (I have some more skyscapes here and here! Your blog is lovely, and the snow! We have yet to have any more than a few odd flakes, usually by now we've had at least one good snowfall, but that's the climate for you!

Joy said...

Lisa, that snow is so pretty, we have had a dreadful windy day. quite scary at times, but now it seems to have blown its self out.

Donna said...

Oh you lucky lucky girl. We never get snow here in Devon!

I didn't realise that you were doing the CL Fair in Scotland. I don't think I could travel that far and back in a day :-/

Alison said...

I'm longing for some snow. We moved to England from Scotland because of my husbands work and I so miss the snow!
Love your blog and what lovely items you make and sell on Primrose Hill Interiors.


Twinkle Pink said...

I love it! I'm moving now.
But I would have to be curled up on a sofa with a hot cuppa knowing the fridge and larder where stocked up, the wood pile high, the coal bunker within a nose proximity to the back door and no reason to go out except to play.

Really it does look like a beautiful wonderland.
Best wishes Ginny

Rachel said...

The snow is beautiful!! Enjoy it!!

weirdbunny said...

Brilliant snow !! We definately could do with some of that. However we don't own a tractor anymore so how we'd get from the mountain I have no idea. A few years ago when it snowed badly here the woodcutter had to take the tractor (which has no enclosed cab) quite a few miles away to deliver some salt to a client. It took him ages and he was freezing when he came home. Hope you got some veggies out of the garden before it snowed or your soup pot will be empty !

Nonnie said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog for instructions. x