Monday, January 15, 2007

Spring flowers

It's the start of another week, the bed is stripped, the washing is done and the bread maker is on, filling the house with the gorgeous smell of baking bread. The stove is lit as it is yet another grotty day, windy and raining, grey and dark, oh how I wish for spring.......
At last the planning for the Country Living Fair is now in full swing (thankfully!) so I'm feeling very inspired and raring to go. I spent Saturday afternoon in Borders book shop with a friend, we had a lovely time looking at so many interesting books and dribbling over the stationary in Paperchase! I bought a couple of lovely craft books, hence the inspiration!
We had our first little flurry of snow on Saturday night, it was only on for about an hour and didn't lie as the ground is just too wet, when is the rain and wind going to stop? It's no wonder we all hate January!
The only way of brightening up the cottage at the moment is to fill it with spring flowers, beautiful red tulips in one of the kitchen windows and blue hyacinths in the other, the smell is fantastic.

I have yet to get my spring bulbs into the garden, hopefully there might be a dry day this week but the ground is just so wet, what can I do? I have bought a lot of spring bulbs this year as last year was our first spring here and we didn't know what was in the garden. So the plan was to plant daffodils all down the burnside as you come in the front gate, I have a feeling they might be a little late in flowering this year.........................

Oh well, off to get on with the sewing, I think I'll have a day of making new products today and planning what new fabrics and trimmings I'm going to order later in the week, one of my favourite jobs.

Enjoy your Monday.

L x


lazylol said...

Good luck with your sewing. You made your house sound all lovely and cosy. I am stuck in a boring office - lucky you!

Nonnie said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Your house sounds lovely and cosy. Just the place to be on a miserable day. Can't wait to see all your new products. Enjoy your creating.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Lovely spring bulbs in your windows.
Here in Canada we have a lot of snow when there was none before yesterday! A few of my bulbs were sprouting in the garden it`s been such a mild winter! Hope it comes back.

Betty Jo said...

What a lovely blog you have! I've enjoyed my visit and will come again soon. :0)

Angel Jem said...

Wouldn't you just love a little decent snow, just enough to stop school and work for a day or two? Then you could sit by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and sewing. Mmmm

Jane said...

Lisa - my mantra at the moment is "you can plant tulips as late as the end of February"
Will it be dry by then though? We have canals rather than raised beds.
The ones in your vase are lovely.

weirdbunny said...

So good to fill the house with spring flowers. My armarylis seems to be growing at an alarming rate each day. Can;t wait untill it flowers. Free range bunny is eating away at a lot of my spring bulbs that are sprouting up outside! I think I should have flowers on my camila this year, she has lots of buds.