Thursday, March 08, 2007

Glen of the fairies and a pottery range

Today I got to drive one of my favourite journeys up to Glenshee. From the end of the farm track you can either turn right to go down to Alyth or turn left and head for the glens, referred to by the locals as the back road to Glenshee. It's a beautiful drive taking you high up over the hills looking right up the glen, until you meet up with the A93. I was lucky enough to see three roe deer today and numerous cock pheasants that had managed to survive the shooting season for another year.

Glenshee is special because there is nowhere in the world quite like it, wild, romantic, beautiful, and steeped in history and legend. It has always been known as Glenshee, or as it is in Gaelic, Gleann Shith, the Glen of the Fairies. It has never had any other name, and until the old tongue died out the inhabitants were known as Sithichean a' Ghlinnshith or "Elves of Glenshee".

The reason for my trip up the glen today was to collect our latest addition to the Primrose Hill Interiors range. I've always wanted to have my own range of pottery, but as I'm not a potter (although I have often been refered to as a bit potty!) I didn't really think I'd ever get round to it. There are a number of beautiful ranges of pottery out there but I didn't just want to go and buy it in like everyone else does.

The summer after we moved up here I took a trip up to the local pottery, Glenshee Pottery, as they were holding an open day with a local girl who does felting, she had her yurt set up and was telling us all about her recent trip to Mongolia. I signed up for a day course "Hats from the Hills", a days felting where you learnt how to make a felt hat, inspired by something from nature. I also got chatting to Diana, the lady who owned the pottery as she was interested in stocking some of our products in the shop. I have to say, the pottery is one of my favourite shops, it's always lovely and cosy as there is a huge red AGA in the middle of it, there is generally at least one cat sitting sleeping in a chair and you get a lovely cup of tea or coffee made for you to have while looking around the shop. The pottery workshop is through the back but as there is a stable door separating the shop and the workshop you can see everything that is going on through the back. They have a fab range of products including knitwear and other crafts, as well as all of the beautiful pottery handmade by Diana.

So, I gradually got to know Diana over the next few months as she came along to quite a few of the fairs that I was attending in the run up to Christmas. You know how it is, you meet someone else who is crafty, has their own small rural business and there is a bit of a connection, plus the two of us could talk the hind legs off a donkey! After the madness of Christmas I had my thinking cap on for new ideas for the Country Living Fair, I wanted something different that no one else would have, exclusive to us and handmade in Scotland, *PING*, light bulb moment, why don't I ask Diana if she'll make me a range of pottery! The two of us got our heads together, and with the help of her ever so delightful assistant Nicola, the new range was born - all that was left was for Diana to make it all. In a couple of months. As well as getting all of her own stock made for the shop opening in April. I take my hat off to her and the team (Nicola & Jennifer), they have worked their little socks off up there, maybe with the help of some of the fairies from the glen. They have created me a range of beautifully hand made pottery, each piece being totally individual, I LOVE it.

So here it is, a little sneaky peak for you all, it will be going up for sale on the website after the fair.


Heather said...

I just did a blog post giving a sneaky peak too - so great minds!!

Lovely pottery - I always fancied it - actually ever since Ghost but thats another story!!

Your part of the world sounds quite magical too


rach said...

wow, it looks fantastic lisa, well done.

Ragged Roses said...

The pottery looks lovely what a great idea. Your part of the world sounds wonderful - how lucky you are!Good luck at the fair.
Kim x

Sew Recycled! said...

I LOVE it!
I trained a as a potter and unfortunately unable to do it on my dining room table (hence textiles) but as soon as the boys are a little older I can't wait to get back to it. So simple yet so satisfying! well done.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pottery - can't wait to see it on the website!

Tracy said...

My fingers are ready to place an order - that pottery must sit in my new kitchen!
Love it xx
Have a great weekend - and yet again your post has made me want to move as quickly as possible.
Tracy x

Nonnie said...

That pottery would look lovely in my kitchen next to my red enamel collection. I'll definitely check out the site after the fair. If you haven't sold out completely!

Jane said...

very pretty, very you, well done

st├ęphanie said...

It is lovely, i understood you did the Cl scotiish fair will you be in London too next week?

cherry menlove said...

Oooohhh Lisa, the new range is so lovely! I love it, so simple and sweet.....and almost edible.

Cherry xx

weirdbunny said...

I thoughrly enjoyed reading your post today. What an amazing place to live, and it sounds as the people who live there are such crafty characters too.

tash said...

It's not everyday that one gets one's own pottery range, but if I had to have one I couldn't think of a nicer style! My mum used to be very much into sculpting and pottery, but became a teacher instead.

I remember on the way to Carsaig and Salen on the Isle of Mull, there were little valleys which I swear were inhabited by something fae. Scotland is such a beautiful place.

Charlotte - Hope and Faith said...

Like many others, I'm loving the pottery. Sophisticated and simple! Hope all is going well for the fair. How lucky we are to live in Scotland!!!
Charlotte x

love.boxes said...